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Basic Policy on Information Security
VELTRA Corporation (“the Company,” hereinafter) strongly recognizes that the confidential information that a company possesses, the confidential information received from customers and personal information are information assets that should be protected, and will make every effort to strengthen information security based on the following basic policy to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets.

Article 1: Management Framework
The Company will establish a management framework under the Information Management Supervisor, develop various regulations and promote information security on a company-wide basis.

Article 2: Establishment of an Information Security Policy
The Company will formulate an information security policy comprising a basic policy, management regulations and guidelines, and will thoroughly disseminate the policy among all officers and employees of the Company.

Article 3: Legal Compliance
The Company will comply with various laws, regulations, government-stipulated guidelines and other norms related to information security.

Article 4: Management of Information Assets
In addition to laws, regulations and agreements, etc. concerning information security, the Company will manage and operate information assets in accordance with its Information Security Policy, which includes this basic policy.

Article 5: Implementation of Information Security Measures
By implementing appropriate information security measures based on the nature of the information assets in question, the Company will endeavor to prevent information security incidents from occurring. Should an incident occur, the Company will respond swiftly, minimize damage and take measures to prevent recurrences.

Article 6: Education and Training
The Company will provide education and training on information security to raise awareness of information security on the part of officers and employees.

Article 7: Ongoing Improvements
The Company will continually review its systems for information security management based on this basic policy and make improvements as needed.