Private Sightseeing Tour of Hanamaki's Treats or Crafts by Jumbo Taxi


Jumbo car

See all the best sights of charming Hanamaki while also learning about local crafts and delicacies! Great for groups or visitors with limited time to explore.

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1 Charter (persons 1-9)
USD 243.68
USD 243.68
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USD 0.00
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1 Charter (persons 1-9)
USD 243.68
USD 243.68
  • Duration (incl. transportation): 3 hour(s)
  • Available: Daily
  • Pick-up:
    • Pick up at Hanamaki Station /Drop off at Hanamaki Hotspring Town free (per group)
      Pick up at Hanamaki Station /Drop off at Hanamaki Hotspring Town free (per group)
  • Inclusion: Sightseeing taxi fare
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  • 09:00 Pick up at Hanamaki Station
  • Course 1
    Rinposha (coffee shop)→Terui Dango (skewered ball-shaped dumplings) Shop→Obara Chochin (paper lantern) Shop→Mold Kenji Monaka (wafers filled with sweet red bean paste)→Tamagawa Confectionery→Sato Kokeshi (wooden doll) Shop →Naito Shishiodori (deer dance)
  • Course 2
    Takita Wagasa (Japanese Umbrella Shop)→Hiraga Craft Workshop→Sightseeing in a Vineyad→Odajima Senbei (rice cracker) Shop→Yabusoba (wanko soba, soba noodles served in soup bowls) Shop→Odajima Shinobigoma (wooden horse) Shop (Zaimokucho)→Ito Dyeing Workshop→Abe Kajichoyaki Pottery (Ishigami)
  • Course 3
    Kimizuka Wood Craft (Kobunato)→Michinoku Bussan (Products)→Matuoka Doll Shop→Daiyaki Pottery (Hanamaki Hot Spring)→Seyamayaki Pottery (Yumoto)→Kannon Bodhisattva in Enmanji Temple.
  • 12:00 Drop off in Hanamaki Hot Springs (Time is just an aim)
    • [About Transportation Service]
      Shin Hanamaki Station and Hanamaki Airport are also available pick up locations. Please let us know your desired location when booking. Drop offs are only available in Hanamaki Hot Springs
Additional Note(s)
    • Please pay for each facility you visit.
    • [How to spot your taxi]
      The driver will be holding a board with your name on it.
    • Retro Jumbo Taxi available (three cars)
    • We can pick you up at your preferred time. Input your time if you have a preferred time (example: 9:30 rather than 9:00)
    • This tour is exclusively in Japanese.
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    • You can book a maximum of 2.
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USD 243.68
USD 243.68

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Duration incl. transportation 3 hour(s)
Availability Daily
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