Full-Day Private Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi Tour from Tokyo with English Guide

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Taiji Endo is an exceptional guide

Reviewed by: MML, 2017/05/26

On the morning of our tour, our guide, Taiji was waiting when we exited our hotel lobby. After introductions, Taiji familiarized himself with folding my wife’s wheelchair. Once we were in our seats, we explained that we would prefer not to participate in the hot springs bathing. Taiji accepted this and said we should still see the lakes and towns along the way to Mount Fuji as they are quite remarkable.

Taiji took us to the World Heritage Site Visitor Center where we watched an informative video about Mount Fuji. It was there that my wife noticed photography by Rocky Tanaka. We later learned Taiji and he are friends. At the end of our tour Taiji arranged for us to meet with Mr. Tanaka so we could view his gallery and purchase a piece of his art.

From the Visitor Center, we traveled on to see lakes and ponds which have formed by snow melt from Mount Fuji. Some of the villages along the way also exist only because Mount Fuji is towering in the distance. Mount Fuji is a Religious symbol to the Japanese.
We saw and ate white strawberries for the first time. We saw a traditional Japanese home with a thatch roof that will last for 100+ years. We saw bonsai trees and gardens and shops and fish ponds with giant fish and markets. We ate a traditional Japanese meal in an authentic Japanese restaurant where no one spoke English except for us. The food was DELICIOUS and the portions were HUGE! Then we continued on to the Fifth Station.

Taiji is an exceptional tour guide: He was a very safe and capable driver. Even in the high traffic areas of Tokyo’s interstate, we felt we were in safe hands. His English is impeccable and he is extremely articulate. His manners are first rate and he was professional, observant and intuitive. He has a seemingly unending knowledge of Japanese history and culture.

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Thank you so much for giving me such an impressive comment.
You posted actually few days after my birthday and I felt like a gift for having the best comment I've ever had.

I felt like you found me at the right moment and we've had a wonderful day and you finally found your favorite picture of Mount Fuji at the end of the day. It was beautiful one and I'm also telling Mr. Tanaka that I will one day get one of his picture and bring it to my place.
I also learned from you about the shift of power in US from an objective angle and could have a fair understanding witch keeps on helping me every time I'm asked what I think of your new president from US guests.

Everything that took part of the service I did it because I don't think as a part of the job, but I myself enjoy or even love to do it and I appreciate so much that you could keep such good memory of the day.

I really hope that your wife is getting better and we will have the chance to meet again.

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Activity Date:2017/05/06
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Mt Fuji Pilgrimage Tour

Reviewed by: Nicca.p, 2016/11/13

We went on the private Mt. Fuji pilgrimage tour. Our tour guide was Taiji Endo. We all had a good time and our our guide was great! Very informative and a safe driver. He also gave us a good restaurant recommendation for lunch. We would definitely recomment the tour and our tour guide as well.

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Thank you very much for your comment. It was also great for me to attend your family. We've had a very nice day and I'm so happy that you enjoyed my plan. I hope you enjoyed the rest for your days in Japan. I wish I had more time to talk with you all and I really hope to see you again.

Attended as:Families with Young Children
Activity Date:2016/11/04
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