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by: Alice Great experience ! Great experience in Tokyo! The night scene was really beautiful from Tokyo Skytree. And the most important point is " No...more
TOKYO SKYTREE® Fixed Day Tickets
by: Teena Fun, surprisingly easy cycling in Tokyo. What a delight! Had an excellent experience with Hiro as our cycling guide. We started at Toranomon Hills, thru the cons...more
Full Day Cycling Sightseeing Tours of Tokyo from Toranomon Hills
by: Nordic King Enjoying Idols and the people who worship them This is a smaller version of the Idol worship that exist in Japan. They are known as the "underground" idols and the ven...more
Idol Show Tickets for Alice Project Live Concerts in Akihabara
by: Jay Great experience and souvenir! Have loved tenugui since i discovered their existence in my trip last year and getting to go through the process to make...more
Make a Traditional Tenugui Hand Dyed Towel in Eastern Tokyo

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