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Something to definitely do while in Harajuku

Reviewed by: Keith, 2017/09/04

We reserved to meet with the owls ahead of time, which made things easier. The staff were very kind and are good with communicating in English. The owls were, of course, my favorite part! I got excited when we held them. Would come back to this particular owl cafe, when I come back to visit Tokyo.

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Thank you very much for commenting.We are very happy to see your comment.
When you came to Tokyo again, please come and visit our shop.
We are looking forward to seeing you again.
Thank you!

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Activity Date:2017/08/09
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The Owls were great!

Reviewed by: Dr Krista Leicht, 2017/08/15

I took my two daughters, ages 12 and 13 to the owl cafe this afternoon. We had an excellent time.

When we arrived, we were warmly welcomed and seated at a traditional Japanese table with floor cushions. There were colouring materials and reading materials for our use.

We were served our choice of drinks that were included. They advised us of our entry time into the owl room, which was about 15 minutes after our arrival. This gave us time to drink tea, and familiarize ourselves with all of the owls that we could see through the glass walls of the owl room. Pictures on the wall helped us to match the owls to their names, and read about their species and other facts.

When our turn came, we were helped to disinfect our hands, then welcomed in to the owl room. Inside, the owl caretaker walked us through how to best touch and interact with each of the owls. We were encouraged to take pictures and assisted to set up our shots so they turned out well. We were helped to hold as many of the owls as we wished. We stayed inside the room until we felt that we were finished, then returned to our table to chat. We did not feel rushed at all. Before leaving, one of the staff gave us some beautiful fans with pictures of the owls on them.

It was a really fabulous experience! The owls were all friendly, as were the staff. I would highly recommend it, even for those who do not particularly like birds, like myself. I found it to be a very lovely and moving experience. Do try it!

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Thank you for coming to our store.
Thank you very much for this evaluation.
It seems that we had a wonderful time and our staff are pleased.
We are waiting for you to visit us again.
Thank you very much,
Owl Village Harajyuku

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Activity Date:2017/08/15
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Cute and fun owls

Reviewed by: Jacqueline , 2016/11/19

It was fun to see the owls and the people running the cafe were very knowledgeable and helpful.

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Activity Date:2016/10/30
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Meet the fluffy owls♡

Reviewed by: Miho, 2016/09/07

There were some people lined up at the entrance but we were able to check in without waiting since we'd made an advance reservation through veltra! The cafe was relatively small but very cozy and they had tatami seats that you could enjoy your drink. It took me a while to get comfortable enough to pet them, but when I did, I found out they’re really soft and ADORABLE. The attentive staff would place the owl on your shoulder or head if you like! This owl cafe guarantees you a truly amazing experience. Don't forget your camera!

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Cute Owl Cafe in Harajuku

Reviewed by: Lalaport, 2016/08/29

On the weekend I went with friends to an owl cafe for the first time in Harajuku. The staff were very nice and tried hard to speak English with us.
The owls were really cute. You can touch them and even let them perch on your arm. One owl named Haku perched on my hat and refused to move! haha If I have the chance, I'd like to go again!

(Translated from Chinese by

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Reviewed by: きのこ, 2016/08/29


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Had a great time meeting the owls

Reviewed by: Owlowl, 2016/08/05

This was my first time went to an owl cafe in Japan, the shop was a bit small but very very cozy. We spent nearly one hour with those cute owls, most of them were very social and let us touch them, we even put them on our hand or shoulder. This was a very good experience, and we highly recommend it to everyone.

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Great Owl Experience!!

Reviewed by: Alice, 2016/08/01

It's my second time to go to an owl cafe.
The cafe is pretty near the JR harajyuku station. It is small but lovely.
And the staffs are friendly, too. They can also speak a little English and they provide English instructions to read, so there's no need to worry!
Off course the owls are so lovely! We all had a great time with these cute owls.
And I would love to take my other friends to visit them again!

  • Sleepy kid.

  • His name is Wasabi!

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