WiFi Router Rental with Easy Pick-up at Narita Airport (2-Day to 30-Day Plans)

Great Experience

Reviewed by: Teju , 2017/05/08

I travelled to Japan in April this year and ordered my 8 day Wifi Router for my stay in tokyo. The pick up and drop off point is very easy to locate on terminal 2 , very easy to connect and very fast service. The battery would last for the whole day or atleast 8 -9 hours. I connected to two devices i loved the speed and connectivity. Would definitely recommend it to others.Thanks

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Activity Date:2017/04/16
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Pocket wifi

Reviewed by: Benzon kho, 2017/04/06

Sorry to say that I find it very difficult to pick up the item because of the language barrier. Secondly, the postal name was not included in in the voucher that's why I have to inquire every postal booth in the airport terminal. Anyway, the good thing was, I find it very useful, especially when I was left behind during our train trip, I was able to call my friend to guide me where to embark.

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Pocket Wiifi

Reviewed by: Nic, 2017/03/15

Pick ups and returns are always confusing as I don't know which counter to go to (Global wifi? Ninja wifi? something else?), especially after the long flights or running late to get on board.
Other than that, pleasant and helpful people at the counter, connections are mostly good (sometimes you have to restart the router or it stops working), and affordable. It's a must traveling in Tokyo!

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Activity Date:2017/02/17
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Just what we needed

Reviewed by: Inna, 2016/11/27

The router worked perfectly, with coverage dropped maybe twice during the week in Tokyo. You will absolutely need an external battery as it will not last all day, but we carried several for our phones anyway. I think that hoe much you will need to charge the device depends on how much you use it, but I do not know for sure. It was essential fir our ability to navigate Tokyo, check the weather, or use Google Translate to tell people things. For me, an opportunity to share pictures and video (including FB live) on the go was a great bonus. And of course, I could play Pokémon Go (not much, we were too busy looking at things), which got me some great catches in Tokyo.

  • Everyone is online on the way back to our hotel.

  • Pokémon Go in the East Palace Gardens

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Activity Date:2016/11/20
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