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Authentic Japanese Sencha and Matcha Green Tea Tasting Experience in Tokyo

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Must do class! Amazing tea master!

Reviewed by: Leslie Arcin , 2019/08/11

My sister and i aren’t avid tea drinkers but we decided to try this out. Youske, the tea master who was giving us this experience is Japanese-American so for us he was very relatable, easy to speak to and has been one of the best people we were able to connect and ask questions about japan since language barrier wasn’t a problem. The session was just my sister and I and one other individual so the small, basically private , group made conversation really easy. This experience was a nice step back from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo and this tea shop was so relaxing and charming! The other individual who was at this session with us was an avid tea drinker who knew her different types of tea and she had plenty to learn from this experience, and youske is very knowledgeable about all things tea. I personally knew nothing about tea expect for trying the complimentary matcha at restaurants and really enjoyed this experience. I think it did teach me to appreciate tea a bit more. The description says you try 10 but during our session we tried 13 different types of tea ranging from sencha to matcha and Gyokuro which is the highest quality tea made in Japan. My sister and I left this session feeling energized from not only the tea but also just the human connection of the experience. I asked him what he considers his title to be ,tea master or tea sensei or tea enthusiasts, and he just saids that tea is just served best with some nuanced things like temperature and steeping time and he likes giving people the experience of trying tea at its best.

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Activity Date:2019/08/09
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