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  1. Awesome way to get to know city! Love the hop on hop off
    Reviewed by: DeanFamilyAdventures, 2020/01/26
    Recommend to do first off so you get to know area!! Very friendly staff!
    • Cruising the city!!
      Cruising the city!!
  2. Very pleasantly surprised!
    Reviewed by: DeanFamilyAdventures, 2020/01/26
    The night was long waiting! Bus ride to park was comfortable, the guide was awesome and dinner was good. The night Safari was amazing on its own for sure! The number one reason I reco...more
    • On Tram
      On Tram
    • Nocturnal Flamingos
      Nocturnal Flamingos
    • Wild Bore
      Wild Bore
    • Mr King Lion
      Mr King Lion
    • Tigers oh my!
      Tigers oh my!