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Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in Taipei
Like the Chinese New Year, the mid-autumn festival is a major lunar holiday celebrated in Taiwan. The centuries-old festival marks the end of the autumn harvest season every 15th day of the 8th lunar month when the moon is round and bright (thus its other name, Moon Festival). In Taiwan, the mid-autumn festival is an occasion for family reunions, barbecue nights and eating pomelo and mooncakes. Experience the festive holiday atmosphere in Taipei!
Why are outdoor barbecue parties popular in Taiwan during the mid-autumn festival?
The custom was said to have started after warring barbecue sauce companies ran a series of TV commercials back in the 1980s during the mid-autumn period.

What is a mooncake?
A round Chinese pastry made of red bean or lotus seed paste, commonly stuffed with egg yolk. Ripe with symbolism and meanings, the mooncake is inspired by the roundness of the moon and evokes family unity, the wish for a harmonious life and auspicious harvest. Nowadays, it's a delicious snack for gifting, packaged in elegantly decorated boxes. That's why the mid-autumn festival is also called the mooncake festival. As a modern alternative, pineapple cakes are also popular gifts.

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