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  1. Ok
    Reviewed by: Olle, 2018/11/27
    Mycket bra show! Spara inte på champagnen, många lämnade halvfull flaska efter sig.
  2. Amazing visit!
    Reviewed by: Elodie E., 2018/11/22
    Very good service and knowledgeable guide. It was especially very convenient to follow him around because the museum is sooo big, I would have got lost for sure! I loved hearing about French art and history and we were able to see the museum's main highlights (but be prepared, Mona Lisa is ridiculously small). Other than that, the tour was as good as my expectations. I already want to go back to ...more
  3. Favorite place
    Reviewed by: Elodie E., 2018/11/22
    Very good service. Great to no queue for long minutes or even hours! The Palace is just incredible, probably one of my favorite places I had the chance to visit in France. And the gardens are so beautiful as well... Really magical. Plus it's very easy to go there from Paris with the RER C. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone :)

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