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Skip the Line Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, St. Peters & Bramante Staircase Quick Confirmation

Bramante Staircase

Bramante Staircase

Admire masterpieces without waiting in the long lines on this highlights of Vatican tour. Explore the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica. See the Bramante Staircase, which is usually closed to the public, and other hidden gems.

  • Bramante Staircase
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  • vatican museums tickets
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  • St. Peter's Basilica
  • St. Peter's Basilica
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Discover what the Vatican has to offer on this 4-hour VIP, all-access extended tour! Explore the galleries in a small group of 20 people or less and hear fun facts by your expert guide with handy earphones.

Get ahead of the crowds as you begin your Vatican Museums tour through a dedicated entrance so there's less time for waiting and more for sightseeing. Take in intricate sculptures and vibrant paintings at the museum's vast collection from its most famed galleries, like the Gallery of Maps, Gallery of Tapestries and Raphael Rooms, to its lesser-known ones, Pinacoteca and Etruscan Museum. Go beyond the velvet rope and visit the sublime Bramante Staircase.

Discover the only work by Leonardo Da Vinci that's based in Rome on your Sistine Chapel tour and marvel at the extravagant works of art using your St. Peter's Basilica tickets.
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USD 102.33
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USD 96.77
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Adult (Age 19 & over)
USD 102.33
USD 102.33
Child (Age 6-18)
USD 96.77
USD 96.77
Infant (Age 0-5)
  • Duration: 5 hour(s)
  • Available: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
  • Pick-up: Not available
  • Inclusion: English-speaking guide / Skip-the-line St. Peter’s Basilica tickets / Special access to the Bramante Staircase / Use of audio headset / Sistine Chapel tickets / Skip-the-line Vatican Museum tickets
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  • 07:45 Check-in at the Entrance of the Vatican Museums
  • 08:00 Start of the Vatican Museums Tour (3 hours & 30 minutes)
    Vatican Museums Using special access Vatican Museums tickets, get ahead of long lines as you enter the premises through an dedicated entrance. Beat other tour groups who have to wait in line for around an hour.
  • Pinacoteca
    19095553_S Explore the 18 rooms of the Pinacoteca, also known as the Picture Gallery, which showcases a collection of paintings from the Middles Ages to 1800, including the works of famous artists like Da Vinci, Caravaggio and more.
  • Bramante Staircase
    Bramante Staircase Normally off-limits to the public, get to visit the Bramante Staircase in the Pio-Clementine Museum. One was built in 1505 and the other in 1932. Marvel at the staircase's double-helix shape, designed centuries before the DNA was discovered.
  • Pinecone Courtyard
    pinecone courtyard, vatican museums tickets Roam the Courtyard of the Pigna's impeccable lawns. Discover the colorful history of the Roman Empire as well as the Catholic Church as you view centuries-old sculptures and statues framed by lush plants.
  • Gallery of Maps
    gallery of maps, vatican museums tickets Discover Italy's rich history as you explore the 120-meter long Gallery of the Geographical Maps. Take in its magnificent frescoes which are often confused with those at the Sistine Chapel. See vibrant, historic maps detailing the geography of the country's regions.
  • Gallery of Tapestries
    vatican museums tickets, vatican tour Surround yourself with vibrant tapestries when you enter the Gallery of Tapestries. The pieces, which tell stories revolving around Saint Peter, Paul, and Moses, were drawn by Raphael's students before they were made into tapestries in Belgium.
  • Gallery of the Candelabra
    Vatican Museum Gallery Be greeted by extravagant bronze gates before you enter the Gallery of the Candelabra. Peer at marble columns surrounded by sublime statues. Marvel at the dramatic candelabra at the heart of the hall.
  • Raphael Rooms
    50841430_M End your Vatican Museums tour at the Raphael Rooms. Retrace Catholic history at the Room of Constantine, see the Old Testament retold at the Room of Heliodorus, peer at Raphael's masterpiece at Room of the Segnatura, and discover the journeys of 2 popes at the Room of the Fire in the Borgo.
  • Sistine Chapel (30 minutes)
    Sistine Chapel Since guided tours are not allowed inside, your expert guide will tell you all about the Pope's official residence using photos of the works of art. Equipped with Sistine Chapel tickets, explore the lavish interior at your own pace and awe at Michelangelo's famed fresco, The Creation of Adam.
  • St. Peter’s Basilica (30 minutes)
    St. Peter's Basilica Beat the crowds with your skip-the-line St. Peter's Basilica tickets. Revel in the tranquil atmosphere and awe at sublime sculptures, as well as Michelangelo's Pieta. Marvel at the highest dome in the world, which is so high it can fit the Statue of Liberty.
  • St. Peter's Square
    st peters square, family End the tour at St. Peter’s Square for an unobstructed view of Bernini's architectural masterpiece. Glimpse the balcony where Pope delivers his public addresses and snap photos of the St. Peter's Basilica's iconic exterior.
  • 12:30 Tour Ends at St. Peter's Square
    • This activity is not wheelchair accessible.
Required Items to Bring & Attire
    • Appropriate dress is required for entry into some sites on this tour. Knees, shoulders and backs must be covered.
    • Extra measures may also restrict the size of bags that can be brought inside. To avoid disruptions or possible denied entry, it is strongly recommended that guests avoid bringing large purses, bags, or backpacks on your tour.
    • Walking shoes
Additional Note(s)
    • On Wednesdays, access to St. Peter's Basilica and Square may be closed at the time of the morning tour due to the Papal Audience.
    • Due to increased security measures at many attractions some lines may form on tours with 'Skip the Line' or 'No Wait' access.
    • St. Peter's Basilica and other religious sites are subject to occasional closures for religious ceremonies. When this occurs, guests will be provided with an extended tour of the Vatican Museums or an appropriate alternative.
Booking Requirements (# of participants, vehicles, hours, etc.)
    • You can book a maximum of 20.
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What is the difference between Faster Than Skip the Line, VIP Skip the Line, and Skip the Line tickets?
  • Faster Than Skip the Line, No-Wait, and VIP Skip the Line tickets mean the same thing. It gives you access to the Vatican Museums through a dedicated entrance. This means the waiting time is significantly shorter since the only thing you'll wait for is the security check.

    Skip The Line tickets refer to pre-booked tickets so you'll avoid waiting in queues to buy tickets on-site. However, you will still have to pass through the line the general public has to go through plus the security check.
I am taking a Vatican Tour that includes Saint Peter’s Basilica, will we go up the dome?
  • No, but it is possible to climb the Dome on your own if you wish, but you will need to purchase a ticket directly on site.

    If you intend to climb the Dome after your tour ends, be sure to book a morning tour (not on a Wednesday) as the Dome access is already closed in the afternoon and the Basilica is often closed on Wednesday mornings.
Can I take photos during my Vatican visit?
  • Non-flash photography is permitted in most areas of the Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Basilica. But, photography of any kind is not allowed inside the Sistine Chapel.
What should I wear on my Vatican visit?
  • Men, women, and children must have their shoulders and knees covered at all times. Low-cut clothing and hats are not allowed.
Can I bring a backpack to the Vatican Museums?
  • Yes, guests can carry bags if they are smaller than 40cm length x 35cm width x 15cm depth. Anything bigger than this, or any umbrellas or camera tripods, must be checked into storage at the beginning of the tour.

    Since the tour ends at the other side of the museum, guests who are forced to check bags must leave the tour early to collect them or complete a 20-minute walk back to the entrance after their tour. Those doing the afternoon tour may not be able to retrieve their belongings until the next day. It is recommended that visitors travel light and avoid bringing large baggage.
What is the best time to visit the Vatican?
  • If you want to avoid the crowds, go really early or really late. There are tours on VELTRA that provide access to the Sistine Chapel before it opens to the public and to the Vatican Museums after its operating hours.
What is the best day of the week to visit the Vatican?
  • Visit on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday to avoid most of the crowds.

    Most of the museums in Rome are closed on Mondays, the Papal Audience is staged every Wednesday, locals are part of the crowds on Saturdays and the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel are closed on Sundays.
Which Bramante Staircase does the tour visit?
  • There are two Bramante Staircases in the Vatican Museums and both are located in the Pio-Clementine Museum.

    This tour visits the original staircase that was constructed in 1505. It is usually closed to the public. It was originally used as the passageway for the Papal apartments and offers a great view of Rome.

    The other Bramante Staircase was built in 1932 and is used as the way out of the Pio-Clementine Museum.
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USD 102.33
USD 102.33

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Duration 5 hour(s)
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The tour was interesting and thorough, paying extra for the Bramante staircase was well worth it. Also it was clear our tour guide Francesca was knowledgeable and passionate about art and history. She...more
by: Philip
I am very satisfied with the prompt booking confirmation. Website is easily navigated. Never have to contact customer support yet but I am sure it will be as efficient as the whole experience. I wou...more
by: Philip
Very informative and interesting tour. St. Peters Basilica is a once in a life time experience.

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USD 102.33
USD 102.33
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Skip the Line Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, St. Peters & Bramante Staircase