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I'm getting a credit card error. What should I do?
If you receive a credit card error:

1. Double check to make sure your credit card number and expiration date has been input correctly.

2. If you made a booking with us in the past, follow the [Credit card information] link under the [Overview] section of [Your Account] page to verify it is properly registered.

3. If you are still receiving an error after verifying your information is correct, please contact your bank as they will often issue a fraud hold/block on your credit card due to payments made out of state/country.
Will there be a problem if the name of the credit card holder and the participant do not match?
No, it is not required for the account or purchaser name to match the participant name. This allows activities to be purchased as a gift.
Can I use multiple credit cards to make a payment?
Only one credit card may be used per purchase. However, you may register a new credit card on Your Account at any time for subsequent purchases.
How can I change or delete the credit card information on my account?
Follow the [Credit card information] link under the [Overview] section of [Your Account] page to change, add or delete credit card information.

After six (6) months, all registered credit card information is automatically deleted. Please note that in order for a booking to confirm and to make any booking changes or cancellation requests resulting in an additional charge or refund, you must have a registered credit card.

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