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  1. One of a kind experience!
    Reviewed by: desiree, 2019/01/02
    The pick up time was early than our on call time,and which is good!because the rest of our hotel pick ups were usually late.the driver was so kind enough to help us find the jacket we left at the campsite.he was courteous too.thank you for your kind help sir.the staff at the travel agency was quick in responding my calls for the lost and found jacket.they brought it back to the hotel.thank you so ...more
  2. Informative
    Reviewed by: Sylvia and John, 2018/11/04
    Great for families. Our guides were very knowledgeable. We especially enjoyed the waterfall bridge and the fountain show at the Dubai mall. We recommend the evening tour because all the buildings are lit up.
    • Water flowing from the bridge
      Water flowing from the bridge
    • Fountain show
      Fountain show
  3. Exciting
    Reviewed by: Sylvia and John, 2018/11/04
    This is a must do when visiting Dubai with your family. We recommend purchasing the voucher with the explorer package as you are able to receive a behind-the-scenes experience. We saw how they care for sick animals and how they assist with procreation to prolong the species. I enjoyed learning more about sharks as the movie Jaws has given them a bad rapport. It is informative and dispels some of t...more
    • Smiling shark
      Smiling shark
    • Feeding his buddy
      Feeding his buddy
    • Sea Jelly
      Sea Jelly
  4. Gracious Time In Arab
    Reviewed by: Takabo, 2018/05/24
    Made a booking a day before from the Veltra site. The price was not cheap but I got more than I paid for with the quality of the golf course and situation. The condition of the golf course was superb, too.
    • Tee time with skyscraper flooded with sun glow in the back
      Tee time with skyscraper flooded with sun glow in the back
  5. A family of 5 on vacation in Dubai!
    Reviewed by: Max, 2018/05/24
    I thought the price for 5 people would be expensive, but by comparing to the total admission fee for 5people to At the top Burj Khalifa viewing deck (50,000yen), we decided on this helicopter tour. To save some money, we took metro. From the Mall of the Emirates station on red line, walked for 10 minutes, following the road. We got there quite early, so the security guy at the gate invited us i...more
  6. Learned about the current state of Dubai
    Reviewed by: sakotan, 2018/05/24
    I made two bookings originally, one for early evening tour and an afternoon tour, but was told that it might be a bit too tight schedule wise, and they suggested the morning tour instead. It turned out to be perfect, because it took some time before taking off, like they had to weigh each passengers and arrange seat assignment. Once on board, it was like a dream come true! All the tall buildin...more