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  1. Taronga Time!
    Reviewed by: jqgossard, 2018/09/15
    How convenient it is to take a ferry from Darling Harbour to Taronga Zoo and ever so worth it that it passes by the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge! It was about a 15 minute ride out to Taro...more
  2. Koalas and Kangas!!!
    Reviewed by: jqgossard, 2018/09/14
    We were not expecting a more intricate visit considering this zoo being an enclosed facility but we stand corrected! We were impressed by the layout and how up close and personal we got to be with the animals especially those indigenous to Australia! Everything we expected from an outdoor zoo we got from this place and we enjoyed our time immensely! So glad we erroneously booked the wrong zoo tour...more
  3. It’s in the name, Blue Mountains!
    Reviewed by: jqgossard, 2018/09/13
    We were excited for this tour and learned so much more about Australia’s history and surprisingly about why the name Blue Mountains came about. We learned about the Eucalyptus trees and it’s ouls ling...more
  4. Frankbevco 30th Wedding Anniversary trip
    Reviewed by: Frankbevco, 2018/08/02
    Frankbevco 30th Wedding Anniversary trip was fantastic!! Tour had to be changed, but Anne and her team were outstanding, professional, approachable, accommodating, sensitive. The Mount Wellington tour & Hobart City tours were amazing!! Highly recommended.
  5. Professional tour guide and unexpected experience
    Reviewed by: Florence, 2018/08/02
    The guide Michael is very professional and he did make us enjoy the tour very much. Playing the boomerang was unexpected and it made the kids so excited. Michael did give us fruitful information and arouse our interests and motivate our participation.
    • H1 Military Hummer
      H1 Military Hummer
    • Unexpected boomerang playing
      Unexpected boomerang playing
    • Spectacular view of Smithfield
      Spectacular view of Smithfield