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  1. Amazing day
    Reviewed by: Keren, 2019/12/19
    10/10 day, filled with a lot of fun and good. Recommended
    • Lunch
  2. Beautiful
    Reviewed by: Vacation Wherever, 2019/12/05
    Snuba was fantastic!! First time in Cairns. Plenty of bats but the Great Barrier Reef was worth the trip.
  3. Unforgettable experience for a half day train trip
    Reviewed by: Anthony, 2019/08/22
    Very well serviced, and the fossil fuelled train is astonishing!
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      Ready for the next journey?
  4. You won’t regret it!
    Reviewed by: Mike, 2019/08/14
    A must do activity for anyone going to Sydney. Not only do you get the best views of the harbour, you stop several times to get the history of certain buildings, locations, bridge construction, etc. the climb itself is easy although some of the steep ladders at the bottom can be a little challenging for some people. Although you cannot carry anything with you, including smartphones, GoPro cameras...more
    Australia, Sydney Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb