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Ishigakijima Half-Day Snorkeling Tour (Morning or Afternoon)

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Excellent snorkeling trip with lots of care

Reviewed by: Ashok, 2019/04/20

This was my first snorkeling trip and also I don't swim. So after telling them about this they have been very helpful throughout from the moment I arrived at the shop till the moment we finished snorkeling. After fitting me with appropriate swim gear and clear instructions about how to breathe, we left in their boat to the snorkeling spot. Since I was a bit nervous they asked me to relax and breathe calmly. This helped me gain some confidence. After we entered the snorkeling spot, they made us practice some basic breathing exercises through the snorkel and once I felt confident they held me and took me to all the spots. With each passing minute I felt more and more confident. The underwater world is amazing with beautiful fish (including the Nemo). Before the beginning of the trip, I was very fearful about the whole thing but once I did snorkeling with this team, I felt like time just flew by. It was a fantastic experience for me and I would totally recommend Tom Sawyer for any snorkeling/diving trips.

Attended as:Solo Travelers
Activity Date:2019/04/20
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Abundant Fish, Blue Sea & lots of Fun

Reviewed by: Mark, 2018/11/19

Very easily made our way from our cruise ship at the port to Tom Sawyer's shop-front.
We had difficulty emailing before our holiday. We asked the company if they 'had room' for the two of us on that day. We meant 'space', they thought we meant Hotel accommodation (and I guess maybe if they could book that for us).

The confusion put behind us... they spoke English. Fitted us at the shop for wetsuit, flipper, snorkel and mask and we made our way in their van to their boat.

Nice large boat, we felt very confident and it didn't take us very long to get to the reef.
Lots of car was taken by our instructors even once we were in the water to ensure we were comfortable breathing, etc.

They gave clear advice on where in relation to the boat we should swim.

The underwater world was amazing... lots of fish to see. Also, plenty of time to just float around and take it all in.

Highly recommend Tom Sawyer for this experience and also the communication with the Veltra staff.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2018/11/05
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Snorkelling Tour

Reviewed by: Fen, 2018/06/09

Fantastic time with very professional instructors. They took us out by boat to a coral reef location where we saw lots of brightly coloured fish. They provided all the gear and wet suits. Session was conducted in English and they provided a brilliant video at the end of the snorkelling trip. Great fun!

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2018/05/18
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