Yonaguni Islandtours & activities. We now offer 3 tours, activities & fun things to do!


    Yonaguni Island is full of scenic overlooks, underwater ruins, white seashores with coral, steep cliffs, and other natural wonders. Join your guide and explore!
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  2. Ride a Yonaguni horse, only about 120 cm tall. These strong and gentle horses are an important part of traditional life on the island, and riding is a great way to see the sights.

    From USD92.04

    (morning, afternoon, evening)
  3. From experienced anglers to beginners, we have plans that anyone can enjoy! Catch fresh fish in the turquoise waters of Okinawa. Your freshly caught fish will be cleaned and filleted for you.

    From USD77.51

    3.5 - 8.5 hour(s) (morning)