Samurai Sword Fighting Class and Kimono Dressing in Osaka

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My samurai experience

Reviewed by: Misa, 2016/08/12

To see and to hold a katana is one of my biggest dream if ever I visit Japan. Besides, the image of ninja and samurai for me is great because of Samurai X, the Seven Samurais, 47 Rounin, Naruto and etc. When my friend, Misa, brought me to Samurai Experience, I was so overwhelmed because finally, I could hold and learn some sort of stances if so. As we entered the place, we were welcomed by the staff with a smile.The place resembled like a dojo. I felt more excited when we were introduced to sensei. As a foreigner, I had a hard time catching up what sensei was saying. Everything was all greek to me. I only knew a very few Japanese words and you could even count it. There were some things I was disappointed and some things I did admire. The way sensei explained the basic stances to us was way too fast which was hard to catch up and he explained more about kinda the history of it which we foreigner didn`t care much because we wanted to learn how to do the stances or moves. I believe that just by knowing how to do the moves would truly be marked in our head since there was a language barrier. Learning the moves directly and step by step is more important, I guess. Someday, a lot of foreigners will visit the place and they need to teach the moves step by step and slowly and give us more push to do it in character which is truly awesome! However, I really liked how welcoming the staffs were.Their English wasn`t good enough and I could sense how tensed they were but still, they managed to give us a good show. The potential of samurai experience is big because foreign people love the image of a ninja or a samurai. It may sound strange but when you try to ask my fellow Filipino, they will give you a big smile and tell stories about how we love ninjas. For me, that one hour experience made my dream come true to become a ninja and learn some moves for just a short time. I went out of a dojo with a big glee and I will definitely go back again if I have the chance.

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Fun way to spend an hour in Osaka

Reviewed by: HKGTravellover, 2016/05/02

Joining the Samurai sword fighting class was something ad-hoc for my Kobe/Ariam/Osaka trip last week but turned out it's the highlight of our trip.

My friend and I planned to do the Ninja training experience in Himeji Castle but the training only run in weekend and did not fit our itinerary, so we choose an alternative to take the samurai class in Osaka that runs daily weekday.

We took the 10:30 class and there're were only 2 of us. Great we got all the attention. The class was held in a small studio in a commercial building. When we were there, there're already 5 staff in ninja / samurai customs waiting for us. First thing we did is to choose our samurai outfit and wear it. This was fun already. Then the Samurai master taught us basic moves such as how to hold and kill the sword. After a few time practice and rehearsal, we were put under the video camera and filmed a story of a Samaria attacked by a ninja and killed the ninja later on. The whole role play game was super fun. The 5 staff were all caring and professional. It's not easy to remember all the moves and lines, but it didn't matter as the staff would give you all the hints. After the filming we immediately received the YouTube link of our 'movie'. No worry about the privacy as right before the class we're being asked if we share the photos and videos publicly.

My friend was interested more in shopping the Samurai training before but after the course, she said it's one of the most amazing she did in Japan and didn't regret exchanging her 'shopping' time for this.

Last but not least, the staff even gave us a little surprise after the class. What was that, well am not going to tell you here and wasted it.

I won't hesitate to recommend this Samurai experience course to anyone.

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Activity Date:2016/04/26
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