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A great and wonderful ride!

Reviewed by: Emmanuel, 2016/12/12

The Osaka Wonderloop Bus Tour (2-Day Hop-On/Hop-Off Bus Tour) helped us a lot in exploring the main city of Osaka. For first-timers like us, we had a great time touring around the city and planning which areas we want to visit for our limited stay. With proper planning and timing, we were able to visit must-see places in just two days - Osaka Castle, Shitennoji Temple, Dotonburi Area, Shinsaibashi Shopping Area, Umeda Sky Building, Abeno Q's Mall and Osaka Station City. All English-speaking tour guides were very polite and very friendly and were able to briefly explain each area of interest. Except for one instance on our second day where the bus came a little bit late, the bus always arrived and departed as scheduled. We were able to maximize our time and save transportation expenses because of the Osaka Wonderloop Bus Tour. We were so satisfied that we will highly recommend this tour to our relatives and friends in the Philippines. Two thumbs up!

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2016/12/05
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Our Osaka escapade.

Reviewed by: Noli D. Bayani, 2016/12/07

We are glad that it was a wonderful experienced again with your company. Actually the last time was when we went to Nagoya and Tokyo . We rented a wifi router and it served us excellently. This is both now the hop on hop off tour but i rented again the wifi which I was able to use my points with my prevoius order. Immediately it was deducted from my total bill after i informed them. I would love to use Ventra for our next tour. I was sad when we had our tour in Europe and America , those countries were not served by your company. I there will be expansion on your services. Indeed the Osaka loop bus has a wonderful staff, I would like to commend Ms Mai she did a wonderful job. I hope that you will keep her in your company. All the places that we visited were all interesting especially when we had the Osaka river cruise. We had also a wonderful crew. We had the comfort because we were provided with a jacket and warmer.The crew even helped us to capture the moment with our i phone. He took picture repeatedly to get a good shot. Even up to the end of the our tour we were escorted up to our way to our hotel. It was a memorable again for us to have you as our companion in our journey to every vacation that we have. I wish your company more power and continue to serve us with quality service that will satisfy our needs.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2016/12/02
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Not bad, but not great

Reviewed by: Kerry, 2016/11/24

We had only one day in Osaka, so I decided to take the bus tour to make our last day of holidays easy for us. The weather was perfect and prime for seeing the sights, we were lucky to only have 10 minutes wait before we had a bus come through. They were happy to take the voucher directly from me which made this a lot easier. I did a similar bus tour in Tokyo and they were much more strict. The guides were friendly and as helpful as could be, although there was a distinct variance in their English language ability.
On this bus you are relying on the guide to inform you the whole way, there is no recorded guide or earphones to listen to. I prefer having a person point out the sight to a recorded guide, however I feel that the guides we had were not really that informed themselves, so didn't offer much insight.
The biggest downfall of the bus is the amount of time between buses. 70 minutes wait between buses is just too long. I suspect that if the wait time was less, there would be a lot more passengers going on this bus.
I thought the boat ride was a nice addition to the tour. But we worked out that given the long wait times between stops, we didn't have time to work this into our day. You have to be very careful about where you get off and be clear of when the next bus will come through or you can be stranded.
This bus is really for people who want transport between tourist destinations (mainly shopping), it's not really a sight seeing bus.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2016/11/17
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Bus tour hop on hop off

Reviewed by: Vivien, 2016/11/12

Very nice tour. We had problem finding the bus stop but finanally got it. We had 2 different tour guides. They are very nice and friendly. We know a lot about the city. The boat driver is extremely nice. We had chance to take so many good pics. Osaka is a beautiful city. I really like Kyoto as well. Japanese food is very delicious. Food and drink can be purchased everywhere. Never have problems finding them. Dotonburi is very busy but we like it very much! What we like most in Japan is safe, tradition and people. The tour itself is just an introduction about the city. They need to tell us more about the history of the city. They also need to improve the bus stop. Some of them are very hard to find, especially for tourists. I see the tour have many room to improve. Also every 1h will be too long, should be every 30 minutes. But they said there are only 2 buses. We got a good deal from Veltra with rebate for second person. However we could only did 1 day cause we did not have much time.

Attended as:Families with Young Children
Activity Date:2016/11/10
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Great way to see the sights of Osaka

Reviewed by: Sharon, 2016/11/08

As it is a new tour unfortunately our hotel couldn't send us to the closest stop so we started at nbr 1. The guide book was in english and the 4 tour guides we had all provided different depths of information. We found the 70 mins between drop off and pickups enough time at stops to look and see everything we wanted. Perhaps more of an overview of how to get to stop recommendations before you got off the bus. We have done hop on hop off buses in lots of cities and pre recorded in clear english would be very helpful with the guide then able to answer specific questions. We didn't do the boat ride as time didn't permit but would recommend to first timers to osaka. We left a copy of the book at our hotel for the staff so they can be more helpful next time!

  • Osaka Castle

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2016/11/07
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Good to get get around and see Osaka

Reviewed by: Traveler572, 2016/10/03

We took the Osaka Wonderloop Bus 2 day bus tour in September 2016.
We found the bus tour enjoyable, the routes it covered around of Osaka were good. The staff were helpful and friendly.
However, there are only 2 buses that run every 70 minutes so if there is only a short time you want to spend a stop or you miss a bus you have to wait quite a while.
During the time we did the tour, the weather forecast stated there would be rain so they had the closed roof coach. There was no audio to guide us about what we were seeing. The staff onboard mentioned a few points of interest now and then but it wasn’t compressive enough compared to other city bus tours we have used in the past.
Overall it was a good way to get around and see Osaka outside instead of travelling around on a Subway train underground.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2016/09/25
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