Full Day Cycling Sightseeing Tours of Tokyo from Toranomon Hills

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Fun, surprisingly easy cycling in Tokyo.

Reviewed by: Teena , 2017/06/19

What a delight! Had an excellent experience with Hiro as our cycling guide. We started at Toranomon Hills, thru the consumerism of Ginza, the frenetic and lively Tsukiji Fish Market, 3-4 hidden gems of shrines and some lovely urban parks, the bike tour took us through quickly and efficiently through Tokyo! I believe it was the best way to explore at ground level. No tour bus, taxi or subway could have accomplished the route we took. Yes, we stopped at shops but nothing seemed forced and all were meant to experience what Tokyo residents do (that is, shops were geared to locals, not tourists per se, as there seemed to be more locals). We sampled red bean buns at the oldest bakery (est. 860), an old shoya shop (fermented ebi), a tea shop near the fish market, a popular and famous bento shop for lunch and the most popular taiyaki (red bean fish waffle). You should be confident on a bicycle and have a good sense of safety and be traffic savvy, follow the rules, stay alert and listen to the guide.

  • Octopus at the fish market

  • thank you, might tuna for feeding us

  • Matcha prepared in perfection - not too hot!

  • Well appointed and well maintained bikes.

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Fun! Fun! Fun! We enjoyed every kilometer!

Reviewed by: Rose, 2016/08/31

The bike tour was amazing! We really loved exploring the various parts of East Tokyo on our bikes. It's a great way to experience Tokyo from a different point of view and to explore the nooks and crannies of the city that cannot be found on most tourist maps. The bikes were easy to handle and our guide Hiro made sure that our safety gear and seats were properly fitted before we began our adventure. The route was challenging but not too intimidating, which is saying a lot considering that both of us hadn't been on a bike in YEARS! Despite our inexperience, we were able to accomplish the tour with Hiro's help and guidance.

This tour might not be the best for beginners who have just recently learned how to ride a bike as the roads and crowds are sometimes challenging to navigate through and around. We kept quite a speedy pace, possibly because there were just two of us on our tour, but we managed to keep up and enjoyed the experience immensely.

We absolutely loved the picnic in the Imperial Palace Garden. Hiro went above and beyond with the food he prepared. It was delicious and filling and a welcome break before we set off on the final leg.

Hiro, though not fluent, speaks good English and demonstrates a great knowledge about all the places that we visited. He even prepared some visual aides to help us appreciate the history of Tokyo. And he also took pictures of us while we rode our bikes so we didn't have to worry about documenting our tour as we enjoyed the day.

Not sure if it is just because we had not ridden a bike in a while, but towards the end you will really start to feel the strain on your bum. A bit more padding, or seats specially designed for females might be nice.

Scheduling our tour on a weekend was great because there was less vehicular traffic on the roads, however, on Sundays, lots of places are closed and we missed out on some places on the tour itinerary. Other than that, we have no complaints.

Would highly recommend this tour!

  • In front of Toranomon Hills Mori Tower. Photo by Hiro

  • Hibiya Park. Photo by Hiro

  • Hibiya Park. Photo by Hiro

  • Photo by Hiro

  • Photo by Hiro

  • Photo by Hiro

  • Photo by Hiro

  • Photo by Hiro

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Fun for Tokyo residents too!

Reviewed by: Anna, 2016/08/19

I'm a Tokyo resident but since the expiration date of my points was approaching, I decided to join a fun tour in Tokyo and chose this one. You can't really ride a bike in the heart of the city so it looked fun! The day of the tour we met up at Toranomon Hills. We learned how to ride the bikes and headed for the road.

Until we reached Hibiya Park, I was still getting used the bike while we rode, and at the park, I adjusted the height of my seat etc. After that, we followed this route:

The Imperial Palace, Tokyo Station, Hibiya, Ginza, Tsukiji Fish Market, Kachidokibashi, Tsukuda, Tsukishima, Toyosu, Toyosu Market, Odaiba, (the water bus), Hinode Pier, Hamamatsu-cho, Zojo-ji Temple, tea at Shiba Park, Atago, Toranomon Hills.

Our guide knew so many interesting things about places like the Imperial Palace, Tsukiji Fish Market (and many more) which made it a great sightseeing bike tour. We dropped by places that you can't reach by train and on foot. I fully enjoyed both Edo and Tokyo. Of course, I had fun cycling too. It's pretty thrilling to cross the intersection on a bike at Ginza 4-chome! We spent a great time on the water bus right at sunset.

It was a fun tour even for people like me (I did feel a little sore) who don't normally ride bikes!

(Translated from Japanese by Veltra.com)

  • Title

  • Tsukuda

  • From the waterbus 1

  • Tsukiji Market

  • Kachidoki

  • Yurikamome Ichibamae Station

  • From the waterbus 2

  • Tokyo Tower from Shiba Park

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Loved the Instructor!

Reviewed by: MAI, 2016/08/19

I had 3 days off in a row and was planning a bus tour through other travels websites, but I couldn't find anything good. I decided to search on Veltra since I used them for a trip abroad and happened upon this tour!! I wanted to go cycling beforehand, so I quickly reserved a spot. I was glad that I could reserve it the day before, and after I did, I quickly got a reply from the instructor.

On the day of, there were only two of us participating, so I was a little anxious, but we were shown around the private parking area of Toranomon Hills and were told we could ride fashionable GIOS bikes so it was really exciting. I wanted to go outside and cycle as soon as possible. They provided helmets, gloves and water and also looked after our hand luggage.

Since I usually don't ride a bike, I didn't understand the traffic regulations but thanks to our experienced instructor's help, I was able to relax and enjoy the scenery.

I had been to the places we visited before, but on the bike, it felt like going to a place I'd never been to. We had photos taken for us along the way, so you don't have to worry about you camera getting in the way or any damage being done to it. There were all sorts of things we could experience that weren't on the schedule too such as the Tsukiji Fish Market, talking with the locals, a delicious bento for lunch from an old sushi shop, hot matcha, tasty coffee and homemade jam, sweet and strong apple juice, hot grilled sweet potatoes in Ryogoku...

Riding a bike all day does make you a little sore, but it wasn't too difficult at all. Instead, it made me want to ride a bike more often. It feels great to be able to go so far on a bike and you'll be able to feel you achieved something.

The day after the tour, I took a look at a bicycle shop that I'd never been in before.

I will join this tour again!
Thank you very much!!

(Translated from Japanese by Veltra.com)

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I saw Tokyo From a Different Perspective

Reviewed by: HIRO, 2016/08/15

I went on this tour with my friend since we wanted to do something different on our day off! On the day of, we were the only people, so it felt like a private tour which was really lucky! The bikes were GIOS and we could choose from blue, white and pink, so we started off feeling great! They also had all of the necessary things prepared so it was really easy to participate without having to worry about clothes and what to bring.

Before we started, I was a little bit nervous about safety, but since we road mostly on roads with very little traffic and places specifically for bikes, I relaxed and had fun cycling.

We chose the "Stylish Asakusa, Nihonbashi, and Edo Course" so it was great to see various places in Tokyo like Ginza, Tsukiji, Nihonbashi, Asakusa, Ryogoku etc all in one day. During the tour, our guide listened to our complaints, let us drop in and out of certain places and took a lot of photos for us!

We rode from 9 AM to 4 PM so my butt hurt a little, but even I (who doesn't do exercise regularly) was able to pass the day without overdoing it! I didn't even have any muscle pain the next day!

As for the sightseeing, we are from Tokyo, living in the suburbs, and we didn't get a detailed explanation of the famous spots. So I felt a little dissatisfied with that.

I'm looking forward to the tour's improvement. Thank you!

(Translated from Japanese by Veltra.com)

Reply from activity provider

We are grateful received a comment.
We were able to spend a very pleasant day with Thanks.
I will do my best carefully from now on the comments received
We are looking forward to hearing from you.


from Hiro

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Tokyo Sightseeing I Never Knew About!

Reviewed by: YUKI, 2016/08/15

I went on this tour just before the sakura bloomed. Beforehand we covered everything from the lecture to getting gloves and helmets! The weather was so good that we felt it was the best weather for cycling as we started.

At first, I thought I would be afraid of riding on the road, but with the help of our guide we rode on streets with few cars, so I felt safe while I was cycling.

There were also back streets, old shops, famous stores, temples, and shrines...
While we road around, the guide explained everything to us and I learned more about Tokyo than I already knew. (There was a lot of historical scenery that is difficult to look up by yourself and ride around on a bike, so I'm very thankful to the guide)

The guide was kind to take pictures in various places, and make tea for us in the afternoon! I made some great memories.

Finally, since the tour was long, I ended up slowing down toward the end since I had very little strength left. For those of you who have great endurance, I think you will definitely love this tour and its various details!

(Translated from Japanese by Veltra.com)

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We are sincerely grateful received a lot of comments. We will strive to enjoy the Tokyo to customers who come from now also in Japan. In addition I will do my best to look forward to the day that you can see you.

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It was refreshing to cycle

Reviewed by: K A M A, 2016/08/12

I wanted to do something different in terms of Tokyo sightseeing so I found this tour and went with my children.

Even though it was the peak of summer heat, the bike ride was much more pleasant and cool than I thought it would be. I worried a little bit about riding on the road, but the instructor chose a safe route and told us all of the things we should be careful of. There was nothing that I thought was dangerous. We visited several great, little-known places and got the feeling of living in Tokyo. We chose this tour so that we could ride the water bus. When we arrived in Odaiba, the sun was setting and it was beautiful. The scenery from the water bus was fantastic.

Before then we went around so many places and when we were starting to feel tired, we could eat some "Shirokuma" ice cream, which tasted great and helped us to enjoy more cycling.
It actually feels nice to peddle with your own legs!
Thank you for taking pictures at all of the important spots! My kids really seemed to like Zojo-ji, Tokyo Tower and the scenery from the Rainbow Bridge.

It was great to be able to see parts of modern and historic Tokyo. We took the half day course but it passed by so quickly and if we get the chance, I'd like to try the full day course!

(Translated from Japanese by Veltra.com)

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Great Way to See Tokyo!

Reviewed by: Pam from Atlanta, GA, 2016/05/05

Hop on the Saddle tour was a wonderful experience! Upon arrival we were impressed by the immaculate bike garage. The bikes were well maintained and light. Helmets and gloves were provided.

Seeing Tokyo by bike provided a more intimate view of the local culture, beauty of its parks and architecture. Our tour guide was very concerned about our safety and comfort. He even brought rain ponchos for our group since our day started out with a light misty rain.

The personal touches will endear you. We had a small group of six so we stopped for a picnic in a local park while Hero, our guide, brewed various teas for us to try along with homemade banana nut bread baked by his wife.

The ride was very enjoyable. The terrain was mostly flat and easily managed. We leisurely meandered through the various neighborhoods stopping frequently to allow photos. Our guide took photos for us throughout the entire tour and will provide via email.

When we were in high traffic areas our guide would patiently wait for those who may have been separated by a red light. As long as you ride single file and to the left the busy street traffic you encounter will not be a problem. We had novice riders and they did fine. I would highly recommend this experience as an unique and fun way to see the city!

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Thank you for your participation.
We were able to spend a very pleasant day with your thanks. Also thank you for compliments wife of banana cake.
I always think of a way that can do more fun to the foreign guests.
I am very grateful to comment.

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Don't miss this tour

Reviewed by: Mauiboy, 2016/04/27

We participated in this tour as part of our singles in paradise Japan vacation. This was a perfect way to see the city and get some fresh air and excersize. The man who runs it is very nice and even brought his two lovely daughters along to help out and watch over us. The bikes seemed new and functioned very well. The route too us along some nice paths and some of the interesting sites. We stopped aking the way so he could point out different things and take pictures. Then we stopped at a place that offered sushi to go. We selected what we wanted which was part of the cost then we headed to a nice park where he spread out a tarp and we had a nice picnic. He even warned up a couple different types of tea for us. Then the final treat was fresh made banana bread that he said his wife had just made. We were well taken care of.

The route is all flat. The full day tour is 25 kilometers. We are not the youngest of fittest group but we all did fine.

I would highly recommend this tour as a great way to see the city and enjoy some exercise. I would also recommend taking a taxi there. This is located in a high rise building not real close to any trams. It threw me off since in my mind I was expecting to be meeting in a park. But Hiro runs this from that bundling where he stores the bikes.

Again, a wonderful tour. Thank you Hiro!

  • Hiro and his daughters

  • Our group

Reply from activity provider

Thank you for your participation.
Little rain was nice ceased.
It was good weather up rain soon.
And It is fun cycling for your cooperation.
Did you enjoy the Tokyo?
Beer since the goal was very delicious.
I think back happily with daughters.

Please enjoy the Japan.

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