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  1. Dmz tour
    Reviewed by: Lee Yick Keong, 2019/01/15
    The 3rd tunnel tour. Salute the north soldiers and engineers able to dig such a deep and long tunnel using only human. It would be most wonderful if the obseversation deck have a digital video camera with a powerful zoom. So that we can see the north side clearing on a big screen. Will like to revisit dmz again in my next korea trip.
  2. Beatiful place to visit
    Reviewed by: Olga Baiubina, 2018/11/09
    Pocheon Art valley is really beautiful place to see... picturesque viwes of autumn and dorama shooting place... Apples picking was very interesting... Although apples were smal, they were very tasty... And Herb island is very nice place...a lot of small waterfalls, smell of herbs and flowers...and one more beautiful fishes in the pound...
  3. If i have a chance i will go to see it one more time
    Reviewed by: Olga Baiubina, 2018/11/02
    It is great and very emotional performance. I have not seen something like this before...only 5 actors...they are playing with such an energy and makes the mood and all emotions to rise up want to play,sing and dance with them.. Photoes and video are not alliwed to taken... So only artist pictures in the hall)))
    • The actors)))
      The actors)))
    • How the scene looks like...
      How the scene looks like...

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