Reviewed by: CORY ROBBINS, 2017/05/11
    I made a mistake in NOT booking this tour BEFORE my arrival in Seoul. I thought I'd be able to do this with any travel or tour operator. I was wrong. None of the agents I approached knew about this special tour and many could hardly speak English. Luckily, the concierge at Hotel Ramada where I stayed was able to assist me. I went online using this website and easily booked this tour. Unfortu...more
  2. Nami island and petite france
    Reviewed by: Irene Widodo, 2017/05/07
    This is my first time going to seoul korea. I was superexcited but i didn't know which tour i would use but lucky me i found veltra.com and i didn't regret my decision to use this ktour from veltra. This tour really helps me a lot to get to petite france and nami island much easier. We didn't have to bother to use any public transportation and we can just hop into the tour's very comfortable bus...more
    • The nami island
      The nami island
  3. Amazing Tour
    Reviewed by: jen0720nj, 2017/04/20
    Tour is very organized and informative. It wasn't too long nor too short. The tour guide ( I think her name was Jamie or Janie ) spoke English well and answered questions with a smile. We had extra time before lunch so she actually brought us to Imjingak Park to see the Freedom Bridge. The lunch choice was bulgogi or bibimbap. This tour was well worth the $$. I highly recommend this tour!
    • overlooking Imjingak Park
      overlooking Imjingak Park
    • bulgogi lunch
      bulgogi lunch
  4. DMZ and 3rd Tunnel Tour Tuesday Morning
    Reviewed by: Aaron, 2017/02/02
    Great tour and guide. Spoke perfect English and answered questions and created a fun dialogue. He was very forthright about the tunnel being a difficult climb and walk because of the low ceilings. Not good for the claustrophobic but there is plenty to do at the location otherwise. Tour went quick which made it easier to stay engaged. The weather was cold and icy but the bus was warm and we had ...more
  5. Esthe in the Heart of Myeongdong
    Reviewed by: Ohana-chan, 2016/12/19
    My friend and I made a reservation for the same time, but due to a plane delay, I arrived alone and my friend came later. Even though we couldn't initially communicate, I was able to adapt and comfortably enjoyed my experience. The spa was very beautiful and classy. The massage techniques were different from what I was used to and the Korean-style massage felt great. The drink and dried fru...more

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