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Guided Tour of Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) from Seoul with 3rd Tunnel Visit

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Informative and interesting tour

Reviewed by: Paul & May, 2019/01/02

We were lucky that it was a clear day on the day of our DMZ tour and we have good clear view of the places. Our tour group was great as we all kept to the time table and all activities went almost exactly the same timing as the itinerary.
Our tour guide, Jenny knew extremely well the history and provided us lots of information, almost non-stop telling us stories after picked up the last group members. Probably because we sat at the back of the coach and noisy inside the coach, unfortunately we could not pick up all what she said. Though she was happy to explain to us when we asked her later. She was very nice.
The most interesting part is the tunnel but can be a challenge to those who are physically not too fit as walking up the tunnel is rather demanding.
An interesting tour which we would highly recommend to all visitors to Seoul.

Attended as:Families
Activity Date:2018/12/30
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Awesome Trip

Reviewed by: Leon, 2018/06/15

Going on this trip is certainly a recommendation for everyone who is interested in a brief explanation of the Korean war history. Combining different DMZ spots really gives you a great image about the border situation.

This unique wonderfull experience in combinations with a great guide, a nice group the good weather, made it a unforgetable trip for us. Like I said a recommendation for everyone who's interested in this part of Korean history. Because of the english translations and the good english of the guide, it's suitable for everyone.

We really enjoyed our time there are very happy that we chose this tour.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2018/06/15
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Reviewed by: ALISON, 2017/04/12

A quick glimpse into a divided country with a positive message. It reveals how it is possible to live life under threat. Eye opening.

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Reviewed by: Vincent, 2017/01/30


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Reviewed by: Joshua, 2016/03/22

The trip by the Ginseng Institute at the end of the tour was lame. It was really a high-pressure sales pitch. Seems typical for most Korean tours I've been on. The lunch option wasn't really necessary. It came at 2:30pm, when the tour returned to Seoul, and the guide just walked us over to a Korean restaurant nearby. The food was good, but you could easily do the same on your own at the end of the tour. The DMZ part of the tour was interesting and informative. If you want to "step into North Korea" and see the NK guards, be sure to book the tour including "JSA" at least 48 hours ahead of time. If you wait too late, or it's booked out, this is the next best tour.

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Reviewed by: Rebecca, 2014/08/03

The DMZ is definitely worth seeing because it's an amazing life experience, even if you're not a history buff. It makes you think and appreciate your life and freedom on a different level.

My tour included Imjingak, Dorasan Station, the Observatory, the 3rd Tunnel, and a small place to buy some souvenirs since there wasn't enough time at the other places.

At Imjingak, you can see the Freedom Bridge and other things commemorating the war and the painful, difficult division of Korea.

Dorasan Station is South Korea's northernmost train station where trains used to run to North Korea. It's quite something to see.

At the Observatory, you can actually see North Korea, as well as the northernmost village of Korea and North Korea's propaganda village, both of which have high flagpoles marking their allegiance, hence the Flag War/War of the Flags.

Going up and down to and from the third tunnel is great exercise, but you can rest part way on the chairs if you need to take breaks. North Korea claimed that the tunnel was for coal mining, but that is impossible since it is granite. The North even lined the tunnel with coal to try to cover up this lie, and you can actually touch the coal!

The entire tour from start to finish from Seoul was app. 6 hours. Be careful with photography - you can't take pictures from the bus and there are other points where photography is strictly prohibited. The pictures that you take with your mind will never be erased from your brain.

The only thing I would have liked was more time at each place; it was rushed, but it was not the guide's fault - the driver had the final say.

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Reviewed by: Ludwig,, 2012/09/26

a little bit too hectic. More time for all of it would be better and more relaxing. But still very good.

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Reviewed by: Amy, 2012/07/09

The tour guide Michelle was informative, knowledgable and professional. The tour company delivered what was committed. Our tour included lunch and back to the hotel. When the tour bus was not available, the tour guide hailed a taxi for us and took us back to the hotel. Would definitely recommend this tour.

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Reviewed by: Jennifer, 2010/08/29

I'm not sure one loves a trip to the DMZ since it is very sad. However, the tour was excellent. There were just 4 English speakers on the tour - the rest were Japanese, but the company provided us with an excellent and informative English -speaking guide. The tour gave valuable insights into the tensions between the two countries. I was extremely satisfied with the tour.

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