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Ferrari, Lamborghini or McLaren Driving Experience at Singapore Racing Circuits

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You can drive your dream car!

Reviewed by: Tamoty, 2018/05/24

I finally got to drive my dream car, Ferrari.

After taking some pictures, I got in behind the wheel, and was given some instructions. Then once I started the engine (push the STOP button), I heard the famous sound of Ferrari engine from the behind. I was over the moon already by then.

With the instructions from the fellow passenger, I drove onto the public road and another jolt of excitement went through my body when I realised that I was actually driving this car in Singapore. Once we came to the area I ccould speed up, I hit the gas. I heard the sharp sound of engine from the back and felt the acceleration feeling by being pushed into the seat, there my excitement reached its peak!

It was a short, 20 minutes drive but I was greatly pleased.
Next time, if I have more time, I would definitely try for a longer tour.
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  • A view from the driver's seat

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Awesome! Can't stop smiling!

Reviewed by: Acchan, 2018/05/24

I chose Lamborghini Aventador to make the most of this opportunity. Time went by so quickly but it was the best experience!

The instructor kept telling me "Hit the gas, it is okay!" but as I have never experienced this kind of super fast speed, I got nervous.

Maintenance was happening on the Formula 1 circuits, so it was lively. 45 minutes passed by in the blink of an eye, but I definitely recommend this.

I believe you can choose McLaren MP4-12C and Ferrari California, too. Also, they have a limousine service and you can choose Rolls-Royce Ghost and S-class.
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