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Salzburg Guided Day Trip from Munich by Train

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Fun Day Trip

Reviewed by: Kathryn , 2018/09/27

Fun and just long enough to enjoy the day. We happened to go on a day that there was a festival so our guide allowed us to stay an extra hour! Our guide Franz was very knowledgeable about the area and history. Made great recommendations on how to spend the day.

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2018/09/21
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Thank you Radius

Reviewed by: ayman, 2017/12/31

The day was perfect, thanks for the well organizing by Radius and our "leader" Verene. Yes it is more than a guide, she is awsome, very helpfull and takes care of every single tiny detail. I recommend everyone who has never been to Salzburg to give it a day with Radius Tours.

Attended as:Solo Travelers
Activity Date:2017/12/30
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Couldn't hear most of what guide was saying.

Reviewed by: EA Scott, 2017/12/08

Craig was our guide to one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Unfortunately, he did not use any kind of voice amplification or even make an attempt to project his voice over the sounds of traffic, the train station, etc. It was a constant struggle to try to hear his commentary and get the details he was sharing with us. While Craig seemed well versed in the historical and cultural aspects of Salzburg, it was a frustrating day constantly asking my companion, "what did he just say?". Also, he did not keep on the schedule and as a result we had a little more than 2 hours to spend at the Christmas Markets instead of the 3 hours that were advertised in the tour description.

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2017/12/03
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Wonderful Day Trip

Reviewed by: Andrea, 2017/11/01

This day trip was wonderful.

General agenda:
9-10: get group together (<- we didn't even leave munich until 10...wish I would've known because waking up at 8 was hhaaaarddd)
10-12: train ride
12-1:30: personal tour
1:30-5:40: self exploration
5:40-8: bus back to train and train back

A few things:
- didn't realize it would be so late (Veltra said we'd be back by 6:45, not 8pm!)
- would've loved some more stuff about the train ride - only thing pointed out was this one lake.
- Verena was amazing. Definitely book with her if you can!

What I did during my personal time:
- Ate dinner at a quick sit-down restaurant
- Hiked from the Museum of Modern Art to the Fortress (great hiking trails and a ton of lookouts to the city below)
- Hiked across from the Fortress (great pictures of the fortress!)
- Went to the Mozart Birthplace Museum.
- In general, walked most of the streets of old town and took pictures of cool things (life size chess board, anyone?)
- Souvenir shopped

There was plenty of time to do all of this, and I really felt like I was able to experience all that Salzburg had to offer.

Attended as:Solo Travelers
Activity Date:2017/10/29
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Salzburg Day trip from Munich by Train

Reviewed by: Jennifer Hill, 2017/10/21

We had a great time. Our guide, Maxine, was well prepared, informative and fun to be with. She clearly knew alot about the city and made our day really special. The timing was just right with enough orientation and enough time on our own to explore. Recommend this trip to anyone who wants to see Salzburg in a day. Of course, more time is always better, but I feel we got a good overview of the city in the time we had.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2017/10/19
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Must do!!

Reviewed by: Valerie , 2017/10/11

Wow!! This day trip tour was the best decision we ever could have made. Salzburg was absolutely breathtaking, even in the rain. The streets are picturesque and the architecture is stunning. There was 1.5 hours of guided tour through the city and our guide gave us the history of the buildings before setting us free to explore on our own for 3 hours.

My husband and I like doing as much as we can in each city so we had a flight of beer at Stiegl, and dessert at St Peters (We were going to get lunch but realized it would take too much of our allotted time). We went through the magical Christmas streets (open year-round) and had cappuccinos, before heading towards the monks brewery. The path is along the river and leads you to the most beautiful view of the city! Salzburg was the highlight of our time in Europe. The sights from "The Sound of Music," Stiegl's gorgeous brewery and bar, and Mozart's house is unforgettable.

Sabina was our guide, and even though our tour was in English, it was impressive to watch her speak to others in Italian, German, and Spanish.

The meeting point in the train station is a little confusing so give yourself a little extra time to find it. We had to ask for help, but once we found the area, it was obvious because they put flags outside for your destination.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2017/10/09
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Great Salzburg Day Trip Option

Reviewed by: Nicole, 2017/10/03

I booked a day tour to Salzburg while I was staying in Munich through Veltra.

My tour had a 9:15 check-in and ended at 6 PM. We met our tour guide, Suzanna, at the tour office and she led us to our Salzburg train platform. The Munich Central train station is quite large and if you are not good with directions, it is not easy to find the tour station, so just ask one of the security personnel. They will direct you.

Suzanne was a fantastic tour guide, but it was a bit difficult to hear her at times. I'm guessing te city of Salzburg did not allow any tour guide to have megaphones or devices to project voices as I did not witness any other tour guide with these either. We had a group of 27 people, so it was a good size, not too big, not too small.

Suzanne had a special place on the train that we sat and didn't bother anyone else too much, and she gave us all sorts of information on the history of Salzburg during our 2 hour picturesque train ride into the city. Suzanne took us for about a 1.5 hour tour through the main palace of Salzburg and one of the cemeteries before leaving us on our own for about 3 hours to do as we pleased, shop, have lunch, etc. She went to each individual group within our tour and made sure to answer any questions we might have about any site we wanted to see, and showed us our specific route we would walk and where we were to meet and what time. She made recommendations according to each persons' desires and told us everything that would be possible for us to do in the time we had.

This is an excellent day tour if you are visiting Germany, and is a fantastic price. I would not hesitate to book with Veltra and Suzanne again.

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2017/09/29
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Salzburg Day Trip

Reviewed by: Silvia , 2017/09/20

Our Salzburg day trip was fantastic! Our tour guide Ms. Lucia was very knowledgeable of the area. I like how laid back she is, super friendly, and outgoing. My suggestion would be if you do this trip, watch the sound of music movie. The town itself is really easy to get around and the map they gave us really help out a lot. So if you are traveling in Europe, you must go!!

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2017/09/20
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