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Sistine Chapel Early Access and Vatican Museums Tour with Audio Guide

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A tour that is perfect if you want to appreciate the artwork at your own pace

Reviewed by: bluefish, 2018/05/31

We arrived in Rome late at night and left for the meeting point by taxi the following morning. We told the taxi driver "the Cafe Vaticano in front of the Vatican Museum" and we were taken there with no problem. After the tour guide confirmed our attendance, there was a security check at the entrance of the building. After this, we were given our audio guides. There was no lining up or confusion with this activity as we were led by our tour guide. It was all very smooth. Also, as all payments are completed in advance, there was no worry about taking out your wallet. We set out to the museum at 7:45 am to arrive at the Sistine Chapel at its open at 8:00 am. In complete silence, we sat on the chapel bench and fully enjoyed the masterpiece.

We only had a short time in Rome, but we were able to spend our time fruitfully from the morning.

Attended as:Couples
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Magnificent Sistine Chapel

Reviewed by: Jona S, 2018/05/31

Thanks to the skip the line entry, I was able to soak in "The Last Dinner" scene displayed on an entire wall of the Sistine Chapel while sitting on the viewing bench at my own pace. We entered the Chapel right at the morning open, allowing us to appreciate the ceiling with opera glasses at a time when there were very few people. I highly recommend taking opera glass binoculars. I used the audio guide, which allowed me to walk around the site on my own freely.
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Attended as:Couples
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So great to get in before the crowds

Reviewed by: Tyler Salovin, 2017/09/25

My wife and I had never been to the Vatican museum nor Sistine Chapel before. For us, two things that can ruin an excursion are waiting in the sun on endless lines and impossible crowds. This early access was the best way to avoid for the most part both of these. The key was getting through to the Chapel before 9am in order to have breathing room and be able to enjoy the artwork. The added bonus of having an audio guide allowed us to move at our own pace, and not have to rush and push our way through bottlenecked areas to keep up with a tour group guide.

There were minimal downsides, but was inclusive of the organization was a little hectic getting our tickets and into the museum first thing in the morning (mostly the process wasn't explained so we moved like helpless sheep). Additionally, some of the wings, prior to the Chapel, are not open that early so if you wish to see them you must double back. This means you must now fight the crowds, and possible move against the flow of people so that you are not dragged into the crowded Chapel you paid to avoid.

All and all a great way to spend the morning. We highly recommend this tour, and to plot our your morning breakfast plan in advance as the Vatican Cafe got really busy as there are multiple tour groups that use this as a morning meeting spot.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2017/09/25
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Could have been better..,

Reviewed by: はるはる, 2017/09/25

My daughter and I took part in this 'Sistina chapel early morning on your own' tour. It was wonderfull to have been able to admire the Mikelangero's master peaces in the Sistina chapel with less people.

But... the Instraction of the staff was not surtisfied enough. After entered the museum, the staff handed each of us a ticket, a audio guide, a DVD, and a gallery map which was some how in ITALIAN ONLY, (by mistake?) and let us go, without giving us any instractions; how to get the Sistina chapel, what we shouldn't miss etc...

They handled 2 groups at a same time: 'guided tour' and 'on your own tour'. The staff seemed to put more importance on the guided tour, not on your own tour. So I asked the staff if my daughter and I could go ahead to the chapel and he said ok. We went to the first gate and stopped by the guard ' only tour groups can enter...' , I showed him the heart-shaped pink sticker on my shirt, but he didn't let us in. Then my stuff noticed it and told him 'let us in....'

Finaly my daughter and I were happened to be the first one who got the gate of the chapel before it's opened. There came another group of different company after us. The italien guide stopped us and said, ' Our group should be the first, you can not get in the chapel before us' . His clients believed his word and pushed us back. Our feeling was spoiled by this...

We came back home, today I tried to watch the DVD (2 DVDs, first mine, and then my daughter's), neither of them works. Both work the program page for few minutes but the main part play only first few seconds and stop at the same point!

Attended as:Families
Activity Date:2017/09/18
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