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  1. Great tour and beautiful castle
    Reviewed by: Elodie, 2018/11/22
    Amazing afternoon. A bit crowded but it was still a nice visit. I always like to book the services of a guide for these kinds of tours because there is always so much to learn and I was not disappointed. The visit was very interesting, the guide nice and i literally felt in love with the castle's architecture. Must-see while in Krakow according to me :)
  2. Great tour!
    Reviewed by: Elodie E., 2018/11/22
    The tour was very well organized and I spent an excellent afternoon in the mines. The bus ride to/from the mines was short and very convenient. Upon arrival, we got a short break and wait a little in the queue before entering the mines. I would recommend good shoes because you have to walk 3km and go down 800 steps in total! The Salt Mines are very impressive and the information provided by...more
  3. Moving and surreal experience
    Reviewed by: Elodie E., 2018/11/15
    The whole tour (7h duration) was very well organized. The bus ride was very convenient and we watched a film about the Holocaust during the ride. In the morning we visited the Auschwitz I camp, which is now partially converted as a museum, where we faced the dark reality of what happened through pictures, deportee's belonging such as suitcase, glasses and tons of hairs, but also prison cells and ...more

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