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Fatima City Half-Day Guided Tour from Lisbon

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Only for deeply religious ones

Reviewed by: G.H. , 2018/01/01

Of course, this is a review of Fatima itself and the trip. We had expected an impressive place, but Fatima disappointed us. The architecture of the older part reminds of Piazza San Pietro in Rome, only smaller and built in 20th century. The newer part of the sancturary is only a concrete block which could also be a congress center. The only wow is it's size. There were people praying and going along on their knees. A strange scenery for me (but I'm not religious).
Concerning the organisation: Pickup and drop off were well organised. Besides the driver there was a guide. She spoke at least 4 languages, but she didn't tell everything in every language. Her Portuguese explanations were much longer than the englisch ones. In addition she spoke very fast and seemed not motivated at all. She prefered to speak with the driver.

Attended as:Families
Activity Date:2017/12/23
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