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Dalí Museum in Figueres and Girona Full Day Tour from Barcelona

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4.334.33 / 5


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I enjoyed Dali Museum very much!

Reviewed by: Orientexpress, 2016/11/19

A day trip to Girona and Barcelona was wonderful. I always wanted to see Dali Museum in Figueres. And the trip was really worthwhile. The free time was plenty, and I was able to see through collections and the museum, which was worthwhile itself!

  • The internal court of the museum with many sculptures.

Attended as:Solo Travelers
Activity Date:2016/10/26
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Reviewed by: TakeMe, 2015/10/24

The Girona guided tour was given by local guide in both English and Spanish. The guided tour took longer than we expected, so we did not have enough time to look around by ourselves. If you are not much interested in history, I would recommend to skip the guided tour and take your own time. Don't forget to taste the famous ice cream that we missed.
The Dali museum was soooo crowded as it was national holiday, but enough time to enjoy the Dali's artwork. The MUST SEE instruction by the guide was very helpful. It is always better seeing artworks by own eyes not on pics. Happy being in a part and feeling Dali's world. We did not enjoy the jewel museum next to it though.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2015/10/11
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Nice Balance of Structured vs Non Structured Activities

Reviewed by: Lynn, 2015/10/07

I enjoyed the Veltra tour of Girona and the Dali Museum. There was a nice balance of activities as well as the tour group's involvement in them.

The time at Girona was very structured and involved touring the city with a guide leading the group from point of interest to point of interest. I enjoyed this, but it was a bit difficult to follow the historical linearity of the town. It would have been helpful to perhaps view some high level historical facts before embarking on the tour.

The Dali Museum was definitely the highlight and a nice contrast to touring a medieval town. Carlos, our bus leader and tour leader at the museum was great. He gave us a 20 minute overview of some of Dali's works and the general layout of the museum, and then we were left with 3+ hours to spend our time in the Dali Museum and the adjoining Dali jewels exhibition or in the surrounding areas as we pleased. What was most helpful were Carlos's instructions to work through the Dali Museum in order of the room numbers, as well as his guidance that we would want to spend ~ 80% of our time in the Museum and ~ 20% of our time in the jewels exhibition.

Carlos in general also had great energy and was a pleasant guide. He was also extremely helpful when my group got separated from the main tour group. He made sure at the start of the day that everyone knew how to get in contact with him should any problems arise.

The only criticisms I have for the tour are the distance/length of bus ride from Barcelona (which can't be helped) and the amount of talking on the bus.

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2015/10/01
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Figueres, Dali Museum and Girona day tour from Barcelona

Reviewed by: ChandraMohan, 2015/07/18

We started off on our tour to Girona and Figueres, which lies about 100 km north of Barcelona. Girona is is representative of Catalan culture and history. The bus stopped at the Indepencia Square where we had a taste of the local tasty delicacy Shushu. Across the river Onyar you can see a lioness perched on a staff. Lore has it that if you kiss the lioness’ bottom you would certainly return to Girona. The first stop was the church of Santa Maria. One of the major attractions is the well preserved Jewish quarter with a very impressive Jewish museum displaying the contributions of the Jewish population to Girona’s history.

Interestingly the ubiquitous fly is the symbol of Girona and the people there do not harm it, the reason being that a swarm of flies attacked an oncoming army of soldiers who were on their way to attack Girona in the past and made them discard their attack plans. Another aside, is the melodious pan music that was played by a mendicant as we were walking along the ramparts of the old town. I heard it for the first time there and was amazed by the versatility of music as well as the player.

After lunch, the tour then moved over to Figueres which is dominated by the Dali Museum of Art and Jewellery. I had heard of Senor Dali being an eccentric genius, and I discovered how true it was after the visit. At the very entrance to the museum is Dali’s Cadillac on which is standing a figure representing the goddess of fertility; this is one of the masterpieces. This is followed by another with apparently a nude with her back to you which comes out as American President when viewed with your eyes in slits or when viewed through the camera. The piece on Mae West is standing testimony to his genius. His versatility and the fact that he was not all eccentricity but also art can be seen in the jewellery that he has designed. All in all the Girona-Figueres tour is one that is not to be missed when on a visit to Barcelona and a day well spent.

Attended as:Couples
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LOVED this tour

Reviewed by: Michelle, 2015/07/16

My 10-year-old and I took this tour and we both were intrigued by the sites and loved it. Girona has so much history and beauty. The tour guide for Girona was upbeat, captivating, and informative. We traveled to 12 different cities this trip, and the Dali museum in Figueres was the best museum we went to in all Spain. I highly recommend it.

Attended as:Families
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GIRONA and FIGUERES one day tour Sujatha and Chandra Mohan

Reviewed by: Sujatha ChandraMohan, 2015/07/15


Our guide on the bus, Mr. Carlos gave us a lot of information about the social life and culture of the Catalan region which has Barcelona as the biggest city followed by Girona.

Girona offers traditional Catalan food which is of better quality than that in Barcelona. Girona the old town has historic architecture: medieval walls, Romanesque and gothic monuments, baroque spaces and Jewish quarters. Dont miss the opportunity to taste of the traditional Shushu: a local pastry with a creamy centre and sugary coating.
We then went to the Gothic cathedral of Santa Maria with its beautiful architecture. The monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants boasts of interesting cloisters . There are well preserved Arabic baths from 12th to 13th centuries.
It was a pleasant walk up the Escales de la Pera. I will never forget the soft melody of the bell Instrument (that originated in Israel ?) a local person was playing. The old city wall reveals a lot of history with three layers with contributions from the Romans and Catalans. The entry to the old walled Roman city is through 'Sobre puerta' or door over door.
Dont miss the Old Jewish quarter. The narrow cobbled lanes and the steep flights of stairs HAVE to be seen.We went to the Jewish museum to learn more about their way of life and their contributions to society more than six hundred years ago before they fled or were massacred.
The dali Museum in Figueres is amazing. How could a man think from such a different perspective from what we are used to? How could he reproduce stereoscopic vision through paintings? How could he demonstrate the effect of pixel resolution through his paintings? At the annex of Teatre Museu Dali is the Dali jewellery exhibition: a collection of very special and exquisite jewels made from gold and gems that Dali helped design.

It was amazing to see how someone who made surrealistic pieces of art, sculpture and painting could design such exquisite pieces of jewellery.

Attended as:Families
Activity Date:2015/06/28
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