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Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour from London

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A great experience!

Reviewed by: Jordan Bisschoff, 2019/12/25

An awesome experience which is not te be missed by any Harry Potter enthusiast! A definite must-see. The Dark Forest and the costumes were absolute highlights of the tour.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2019/12/23
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Re-live your Harry Porter world!

Reviewed by: Mariah, 2018/09/11

Good for Harry’s porter fans since we can connect to every single details in there. It is great to be able to see the actual things which you read in the book or in the movies.
However, I feel it is not for hose who does not know Harry Porter since you want get the value for your money.

Attended as:Solo Travelers
Activity Date:2018/09/09
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A must-do for Harry Potter fans

Reviewed by: Elodie Esteves, 2018/05/22

The tour was very well organized and the visit was magical.
- the agency is easy to locate, staff very friendly
- the bus left on time and we could enjoy wifi on board
- you get enough time to visit before going back to the bus

The Studios are incredible, you get to see every little details behind the movies and understand how they were realized. I loved seeing all the character's clothing and accessories such as horcrux, Dumbelore's pensive, the Chamber of Secret's snake door, etc. I discovered more about how the movie was made, and I felt like being into the movie itself!
Also it was so nice to stop and enjoy a butter beer at the cafeteria along the way.
The tour ends with the beautiful Diagon Alley and Hogwarts castle. Amazing!

Attended as:Families
Activity Date:2018/05/06
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A must-do for every Harry Potter fan

Reviewed by: Monika, 2016/02/15

I’ve been before last year and it was great. This time there have been some additions and I could relive the magic all over again!

The staff are all incredibly lovely and helpful and they all genuinely seem to love their jobs which creates a great atmosphere. Also they are clearly big Harry Potter fans! The whole tour is like walking into the world of the films with original props and entire set recreations. My personal favourites are the Great Hall, the Ministry of Magic and the façade of Privet Drive. It’s also incredibly educational, you can understand many methods of film production and see interviews with some of the key people involved in the making of the films, and of course, the stars themselves. The big new addition is of course the Hogwarts Express. They rebuilt the entire train and platform 9 ¾ from the films with real steam and everything. There are countless photo-opportunities inside and out.

Lastly, all great tours end with the gift shop. Be warned! You may need a friend to hold you back from buying all the souvenirs you can get your hands on. I have never seen so much Harry Potter memorabilia in all my life… it’s brilliant!

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2016/02/06
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I recommend it!

Reviewed by: Paris, 2015/08/14

My kids love the film, so I thought it would be great to take them, but I loved the tour as well! There was a lot of kind on the bus in the studio and it felt a bit like a school excursion. The studio is really huge, I was really impressed. It was wonderful to see the authentic sets, costumes and props! But we also learned a lot about the production process, how staff worked and how the films were really made. It made me want to watch all the films again! I would definitely recommend this tour!

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Attended as:Families
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A Dream Come True

Reviewed by: lorraine, 2015/04/07

The world of Harry Potter really comes alive on this tour! I loved the film introduction given by Harry, Ron and Hermione before going behind the scenes - I haven't seen the movies in a few years and so it brought back all the emotions. The sets are amazing - especially walking down Diagon Alley!

Attended as:Friends
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Amazing Experience!

Reviewed by: Paola F., 2014/07/07

This tour really went beyond my expectations! Every section of the studio is stunning. The path of the tour is very dynamic and interesting, there's a different activity room after room. I rode a broom, wore a Hogwarts uniform, tried some butterbeer, and even got filmed in fron of a green screen!

Also the staff, who's spread around the tour areas are incredibly friendly and total Harry Potter enthusiasts. I think this experience really changed the way I see the films, an incredible effort went into them.

The transfer to the tour was very efficient as well. The coach was punctual, very cosy and we had a guide giving us fun bits of information during the ride.

In conclusion this was an amazing experience. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Attended as:Friends
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