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Kyoto Off-the-Beaten-Path with Angela of Internationally ME
Kyoto is home to many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, temples, shrines, and countless cultural gems, making it one of the top visited destinations in all of Japan. The tourist-filled streets of the thousand-year capital can be daunting to explore; however, it is still possible to experience the best of Kyoto without going to where the large crowds are. Follow Angela of "internationally ME", in a fruitful collaboration with VELTRA, as she goes to the roads less traveled in the ancient capital.
After availing the round-trip Shinkansen ticket from Tokyo to Kyoto, and vice-versa, Angela used the JR Flex Rail Ticket's experience coupon to rent a beautiful kimono, a must-wear for when exploring the winding lanes of the cultural center of Japan. Then, she had a peaceful and scenic evening at the beautiful Rurikoin Temple, which is only open twice a year: during pink spring and golden autumn.

Angela spent the next morning sightseeing on a bicycle to the world-famous Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, before boarding a traditional yakatabune boat for a relaxing cruise down the Katsura River, complete with a flavorful tofu lunch. Next, she opted to try her hand at making her personalized chopsticks, which not only served as a meaningful souvenir for her trip but also introduced her to the Kyo-Yuzen dyeing technique.

Any Kyoto vacation is incomplete without meeting the city's cultural icons, the geiko and maiko. Finally, Angela went on to converse and play parlor games with a geisha apprentice on a delightful maiko dinner show at the popular Yasakadori Enraku restaurant: a one-of-a-kind experience one could enjoy in the heart of the geisha culture itself.