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Blue Cave Snorkeling Adventure from Cape Maeda

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Amazing instructors and a beautiful experience!

Reviewed by: Chiharu Valentino, 2019/07/06

We arrived at the meeting spot with ease and were able to find our instructors immediately. From the get go they were extremely friendly, and they communicated with non-Japanese speakers extremely well. They have a great, relaxed vibe and any anxieties I had about the experience were gone by their clear expertise.

All we were required to bring was a swimsuit, the wetsuit, snorkel and flippers were provided for us. We did not have to worry about our belongings such as shoes or phones because they kept them safely in their possession- so if you are taxing a taxi to the meeting spot, you don’t have to worry about extra belongings.

The overall experience was sensational. The water was clear as day and our instructor took time in showing us the various areas of the reef. In the blue cave and the general snorkelling area, the instructors made sure to take lots and lots of photos of us, and they are available free of charge (they airdrop or email them to you). The photos are great quality and a massive bonus to the experience.

The instructor we had also made sure to often check if we were okay. There was a small board that we could hold onto in case we got tired that the instructor would pull along.

Overall I highly recommend this experience from this provider! Amazing!

Attended as:Families
Activity Date:2019/07/05
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Great service

Reviewed by: Yadada, 2018/12/27

It was more than I expected. The guide was very experienced. He gave me clear instructions and took me to a spot with a lots of fish. He provided me fish food so I was able to attract many fishes around me and the guide even took uder water pictures for me. I really enjoy this experience, I highly recommend this experience.

Attended as:Solo Travelers
Activity Date:2018/12/25
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Reviewed by: Elk, 2018/06/23

I would like to specially thanks Mr. Osaka for his very professional guide thru out the snorkelling journey. The blue cave was really amazing. He has great knowledge about everything and he speaks very good English. He’s observant, caring, knowledgeable, professional, kind and bring us a lots of happiness. The most importantly, he took us good photo and it’s free! I would definitely come back to him when I revisit Okinawa! Thank you Mr. Osaka. I had the most memorable and best snorkelling trip ever.

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2018/06/21
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Great experience

Reviewed by: Elisabeth, 2018/05/27

The excursion was very nice, the team is very friendly and the blue cave is wonderful. There were a lot of fish and we could feed them, and the team made a lot of pictures we got as souvenir ! It definitely worth the price, I recommand for everyone coming to Okinawa !

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2018/05/16
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Amazing tour with friendly Osaka-san!

Reviewed by: Sewon, 2016/07/17

Blue cave was an amazing snorkeling spot as much as its reputation! It was a good spot for beginners I think. I went to Kerama Islands the other day for snorkeling and diving, but this spot was totally different with Kerama. Very transparent and variety of fishes including nemo and sea eel. Blue cave itself was amazing, too.

Lastly, but not least, our tour guide Osaka-san was very friendly and kind all the time. He kindly explained everything we were wondering - all about Okinwa.

I will definitely come back to Okinawa and the Blue cave again, will use this tour in the future!

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2016/07/15
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