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All Reviews for Wifi Routers and SIM Cards in Tokyo

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Smartphone 3GB or 5GB SIM Card with Airport, Hotel or Pre-Departure Delivery

The do it yourself SiM Card was Pretty good

Reviewed by: Kit, 2017/04/10

Seriously I will admit I had problems at first as I am NOT technically inclined and the directions were a bit convoluted. Granted, I was traveling all day and super exhausted. A bonus they delivered the SIM card to my hotel so it was waiting for me when I arrived, and I installed it over dinner. It took me about 20
Min but most people it should take 5-10. Once I figured it out it worked like I dream and I was taking selfies and using Google
Maps to get all over Tokyo. I'd definitely use this service again.

  • Cherry Blossoms Selfie

  • Lexie Loving the Blossoms in Tokyo

Attended as: Solo Travelers
Activity Date: 2017/04/08
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Smartphone 3GB or 5GB SIM Card with Airport, Hotel or Pre-Departure Delivery

Great service throughout the city and beyond

Reviewed by: Jane C., 2017/02/23

Although shipping seemed longer than expected, when we received the SIM everything went smoothly. It was easy to use and we did not have any problems with connectivity. Speed was great, very pleased with quality of the service. Thanks.

Attended as: Families
Activity Date: 2017/02/16
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Smartphone 3GB or 5GB SIM Card with Airport, Hotel or Pre-Departure Delivery

Must be tech savvy

Reviewed by: Jasmine, 2016/11/21

My mother was visiting Japan from America so I had it sent to my house to see if this would be a better option than the usual portable wifi we use. It arrived safely and on time to my place. But once I got it and tried to set it in my mother's American phone, it did not work. It was an android that was unlocked, but it had a lot of other settings that was not written in the instructions. I'm not sure if that's why it did not work. Luckily, I had internet in my house, but for those who do not have internet in advance, it will be quite troublesome.
I couldn't figure it out so I messaged the provider who kindly replied to me in English quickly. But it still didn't work. In the very end, I tried it on my iphone and it worked then. It is best for you to try it with a more popular phone than a random android.
Make sure your phone is on the list of phones and know what you're doing with your phone.

Attended as: Solo Travelers
Activity Date: 2016/11/09
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Smartphone 3GB or 5GB SIM Card with Airport, Hotel or Pre-Departure Delivery

I would choose the sim card again.

Reviewed by: Jen, 2016/11/15

During my stay in Tokyo and short trip to Mt. Fuji, I had stable, reliable reception the entire time. The reception in the subway were still stable, but not always reliable when the train is actually moving between stations. The signal bar on my phone also never shows any signal/reception when using this card, which I don't like because I can't tell how strong the signal is, but yes, I am still receiving full signal I believe. You don't need to see those bars anyways since you won't use it for Talk. The network it's on is called Docomo, which is advertised everywhere in Tokyo, so I assume it's a major network. Speed is above average.

I had it sent to my residence. It was faster than I expected, but it was still around 1-2 weeks time. I almost forgot about it until I saw it in the mail. lol. Best thing about this little package is that it comes neatly packaged with 3 sim card adapters so you don't have to worry about whether the sim card fits your phone. It also comes with a handy pin to open your sim card slot with (iphone user here).

1. Keep all contents of the mailed package in your carry-on so you can easily change sims at the airport once you get off the plane.
2. You will need to be physically in Japan AND have wifi to complete the activation process. The airport has free wifi (you will need this, so please STAY at the airport until sim card is activated).
3. Follow the instructions that come with it.
4. IMPORTANT: One of the instructions that doesn't exactly tell you word-for-word on the pamphlet that came with it is that you HAVE TO REGISTER your information ONLINE before you get activated. It's a requirement. You WILL NOT get any reception if you don't register. So, remember to REGISTER!!
5. Make sure you are getting signal by visiting any webpage with your new sim card.
6. You may now leave the airport. Have fun!

  • Speed test of sim card's network. Everything looks good.

  • Once you are REGISTERED ONLINE, you will see a screen like this to confirm. Notice that the signal bars next to "docomo" is blank - it will remain this way even though you do have reception...

  • The package.

  • Instructions (please read review for more instructions).

  • Redundant instructions, part 1 (please read review for more instructions).

  • Redundant instructions, part 2 (please read review for more instructions).

  • If you're not here during November 2016, you'll miss this limited edition cappuccino.

  • Hachiko monument. Story is always sad, and stupid me, I still watched the movie.

  • Mt. Fuji. So beautiful. And cold. Brrr.

  • Temple somewhere in Tokyo.

Attended as: Friends
Activity Date: 2016/11/05
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Smartphone 3GB or 5GB SIM Card with Airport, Hotel or Pre-Departure Delivery

Kansai SIM card experience

Reviewed by: 卡酪梨, 2016/09/30

While going to the Kansai region, I set the SIM card up after the plane took off. The first part is described in Japanese and has one extra step than the SIM cards from Taiwan. But I still managed to get it to work. (phew)

The SIM card worked smoothly, except underground on the subway. I saw Japanese people can use the internet while my friends and the SIM card could not be used. As for apps, photos on instagram load significantly slower than the SIM cards from Taiwan that my friends were using. Maybe because Kansai uses LTE more than 3G or 4G, but I am not sure. Google map and LINE work fine, but did not open facebook since I was unsure of the speed.

I had a lot of data left after using google maps along with Pokemon Go when I had time. It is enough to use just to surf websites and is a good option to use during low traffic.

Overall, using this SIM card was a good experience. Writing a review and getting a rebate is great!
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Attended as: Couples
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