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  1. Lovely location, outstanding service, mesmerizing Maiko dancers
    Reviewed by: jewon310, 2018/09/18
    We missed the shuttle bus so taking a taxi was our only option. The Hotel Monterey Kyoto front desk was so kind and willing; she called the cab and informed the taxi driver where to drop us off which saved us a lot of time. The shuttle from the restaurant came out and met us about a mile away as the roads get narrow and difficult to find for drivers unfamiliar with that area. The cab fare came out...more
    • beautiful location
      beautiful location
    • good
    • you will hear the water streaming
      you will hear the water streaming
  2. Taronga Time!
    Reviewed by: jqgossard, 2018/09/15
    How convenient it is to take a ferry from Darling Harbour to Taronga Zoo and ever so worth it that it passes by the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge! It was about a 15 minute ride out to Taro...more
  3. It was awesome!!
    Reviewed by: Yoshi, 2018/09/15
    I enjoyed some sampling and got a small present. These are included in the tour fee. It’s good value plan. Guide is charming and knows Japanese culture.
  4. Great tour!
    Reviewed by: Daniel Chandler , 2018/09/15
    The driver/tour guide spoke clearly and slowly, made us laugh and provided excellent recommendations for food and alternate sightseeing options throughout the journey. We also enjoyed a very nice lun...more
    • Shirakawago
    • Wada House
      Wada House
  5. Awesome tour
    Reviewed by: Jason, 2018/09/14
    Our guide, Gordon, made sure the shuttle ride was comfortable and enjoyable. the stargazing and sunset views were amazing! It is well recommended to take this tour. Lasagna was a bit salty for asian taste in my opinion. Browny, cookies and drinks were nice. Jumpers and gloves were provided but it was still cold, so it would be better if you brought more warm clothings. One thing, i came on ...more
    • I think this was venus.
      I think this was venus.
    • <3