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  1. Dmz tour
    Reviewed by: Lee Yick Keong, 2019/01/15
    The 3rd tunnel tour. Salute the north soldiers and engineers able to dig such a deep and long tunnel using only human. It would be most wonderful if the obseversation deck have a digital video camera with a powerful zoom. So that we can see the north side clearing on a big screen. Will like to revisit dmz again in my next korea trip.
  2. 朝3時起きの価値あります!笑
    Reviewed by: おかまり, 2019/01/15
    当日13時の便で日本に帰る予定だったので 朝一の熱気球に乗りました! とても眠かったですが、 車の中でしっかり寝れてあっという間に 現地に着きました! ケアンズは日本人観光客が 多いため、ガイドさんも少しなら 日本語喋れます! ジョークがお好きなガイドさんで 良く話しかけてくれました! 楽しかったです!! 熱気球のパラシュートの部分の片付けも 一緒にしました! 私たち...more
  3. Mt fuji
    Reviewed by: Mitchelle, 2019/01/14
    It was one of the best tours we had. The view was magnificent & our tour guide Blair was awesome.We had so much fun. Mt. Fuji is so spectacular, its cone is almost perfect & the weather also was wonderful. We saw mt. Fuji very clearly.
  4. Safe and fast transportation at a good price
    Reviewed by: Mario Blondeau, 2019/01/14
    In particular, a big thank you to Alexza and Aylchivas for their dedication and outstanding work. They really want your transfer to be a pleasant and punctual experience. I will contact you for my return. See you soon
    • I did not want to miss that
      I did not want to miss that
  5. Amazing!!
    Reviewed by: Irina, 2019/01/13
    Mauna Kea star-gazing tour was a must on our recent trip to Hawai’i. Our tour guide, Jim, was very knowledgeable and made sure that everyone in our group had the best experience possible. Absolutely i...more
  6. Great experience !
    Reviewed by: Dori Ann , 2019/01/13
    Everything mentioned was included, and our tour guide was great. Also did a little karaoke session on the tour bus on the way there it was really nice and a great way to involve everyone. It was a beautiful day, just remember to dress warm at this time of the year (January).
    • Boat ride on the Lake
      Boat ride on the Lake