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  1. Beautiful Time with the best Teachers
    Reviewed by: Indra & Christie, 2018/07/21
    Yoshiichiro and Yoshiko Kuge are the best people that you would want to meet and learn from. The are very friendly and definitely lovely. They have been doing pottery for more than 50 years and practice Kintsugi art for 35 years. They are passionate at what they do and willing to teach us what they have in their hands. Me and my husband had the best time in Tokyo that 2 hours as we learn bas...more
    • With our final products
      With our final products
    • Repairing the ceramics
      Repairing the ceramics
    • Had a great time together
      Had a great time together
  2. Mt Fuji non guided tour
    Reviewed by: Jarrado Avocado , 2018/07/20
    Overall we loved this. Going up was an amazing experience, going back down was not as fun. I think once you are down the real battle begins, you're running on next to no sleep and are exhausted, you'll stink and all you'll want is a shower and bed. Luckily there's the onsen at the end. Unlucky if you have any tattoos at all though like me and my friends though as you'll have to fight off sleep ...more