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  1. Great for Korean drama lovers!
    Reviewed by: Michelle, 2020/02/18
    Overall this was a great day! After booking they asked for our hotel and set the pickup at the closest subway which was great. They even let my daughter join on through email when she surprised us. On the day, our tour guide 'Jung' met us outside the station at 7:45 and called the driver around. Only the 3 of us had booked so it was a private tour. The drive was comfortable and smooth. We a...more
    • Korean Drama characters
      Korean Drama characters
    • The family out side the queen's quarters
      The family out side the queen's quarters
    • Shuttle buggy for 3000won that takes you to the top.
      Shuttle buggy for 3000won that takes you to the top.
    • Snow made the place magical
      Snow made the place magical
    • Bibimbap lunch
      Bibimbap lunch
    • Korean Noble house in folk village
      Korean Noble house in folk village
    • Entrance to Korean Folk village
      Entrance to Korean Folk village
  2. Big Fish!
    Reviewed by: Greg , 2020/02/17
    The aquarium was a wonderful experience it’s just amazing to see whale sharks in captivity I hope they do catch and release like what I was told The aquarium by far was the best aquarium I have been t...more
  3. Endless golden beaches!
    Reviewed by: Nadine, 2020/02/17
    Since Palawan is mostly known for its dramatic rock formations and crystal clear lakes, this tour offers a refreshing change in scenery. If you want a relaxing beach day, this tour is for you. There are optional activities: snorkeling and fish feeding but I opted to just chill by the shore with fresh coconut juice. The sweet life! And the guides were fantastic, they even served us additional Filip...more
  4. A very kind journey
    Reviewed by: carlos eduardo, 2020/02/17
    everything was marvelous. The staff people was very kind and the journey was amazing.
    Japan, Okinawa, Okinawa Main Island Private Snorkeling Tour of Okinawa's Blue Cave from Onna
  5. Guided Tours
    Reviewed by: Tourist from Toronto, 2020/02/17
    Our 1st time in Japan, joining a group tour is always a good idea to tour the place. .
  6. Best View of My Fuji
    Reviewed by: Nathan Dodds, 2020/02/17
    Lovely pilots, very friendly and professional! Really enjoyed the flight and the views were breathtaking I highly recommend this experience! My partner didn't feel comfortable doing the ride due to her fear of heights and seeing how small the basket in reality is, but she also managed to capture some great photos from ground level. So worked out well in the end. I was also nervous about g...more
  7. Turning Japanese, I Really Think So
    Reviewed by: K Haling & Y Lucas, 2020/02/16
    Overall, our Maiko Makeover was truly unique, very special and simply unforgettable. The makeover was transformational and the end result was exceptional. When visiting foreign countries, we always like to dress up, whenever possible, to experience traditions of the past. In the case of our Maiko Makeover, we got to experience a tradition of both past and present as this is a tradition that co...more