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  1. Very impressive!
    Reviewed by: Debifi, 2019/03/20
    Loved the show! It was very entertaining and all the performers were very impressive!
  2. Nice Trip!!
    Reviewed by: PARAS, 2019/03/19
    Awesome trip. Must go.. All three places were really good.
    • Blue Pond
      Blue Pond
  3. Great experience!
    Reviewed by: Ashley, 2019/03/18
    This was a very cool experience. We started with the traditional kimono dressing. We got to pick several pieces for our kimono. She even fixed our hair up. The tea ceremony was also great. We even got to make our own tea. I would highly recommend this! Everyone involved was very nice and answered all our questions.
  4. One of our best experiences
    Reviewed by: Dianna N, 2019/03/15
    We had the best times of our lives with the grape-picking, wine tasting and ropeway portion of the tour!!! Too bad it was cloudy and Mt. Fuji didn't show itself again (twice for us now). We'll definitely be back!!!
  5. Everything was perfect!
    Reviewed by: Phil, 2019/03/15
    Everything went really smoothly. We got picked up infront of our hotel, during the tour we could find a baby whale and an adult whale playing around, jumping out of the water all the time. I recommend taking some medicine before because the boat is small so you can feel every wave. Many people got seasick.
    • A humpback whale!
      A humpback whale!