Avant-Garde Dinner Theater Drag Show at Roppongi Kingyo

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Astounding Theater!

Reviewed by: Red, 2015/06/01

I went to Kingyo with a friend from work. It was off a smaller street in the middle of Roppongi, so I wasn't super impressed, but when I got into the building I changed my mind. The walls are covered in autographs from athletes, movie stars, and a host of names I didn't recognize. I'd already eaten, so just had a beer and some light snacks, both reasonably priced and very good, and then the show started.

I thought it was a simple, if tall stage. I was completely wrong! The entire stage was part of the show, with the floor rising and dropping, creating steps and multiple levels that the dancers climbed and jumped all over. They even dropped down from the ceiling at a couple spots! It was amazing, I just sat there holding my drink and staring!

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