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  1. Awesome tours and guides!
    Reviewed by: Josh, 2022/05/01
    This was a great day with snorkeling and under water sea walk tours First was snorkeling, met at business for wetsuits and gear. Headed to the boat(long walk) and quick scenic boat ride to blue cave area. Good time to snorkel inside and out blue cave and see all the fish and reef areas. Super cool. Offload boat and head back to business for short break before getting on another boat for s...more
    • 8 year old.  Was difficult to hold front handle - side handles would be great..
      8 year old. Was difficult to hold front handle - side handles would be great..
  2. Awesome!
    Reviewed by: Ken, 2021/12/26
    Went for my friend’s birthday such a great experience. I was late and they waited for me! I thought that was so nice the service was fantastic. I would recommend this trip to anyone!
  3. Best birthday celebration!
    Reviewed by: Dr. Nakpangi Thomas , 2021/12/13
    The Sunset Cruise is the perfect event for your next birthday celebration! The staff was attentive and made me feel special. If you have a large party as we did (15), I recommend booking all participants on one booking and arriving at least 30-minutes early. The small plate food was delicious and the presentation was beautiful.
  4. Blue Cave Snorkeling and Marine Walking Tour
    Reviewed by: Kim B., 2021/10/13
    Our day (08:00) started with the Blue Cave snorkeling. (Wetsuits are provided and required for this portion of the tour.) We walked to the port and boarded the boat for the 10 minute ride to the Blue Cave. Once anchored, you jump off the boat and swim over to the cave, the water was pretty choppy outside the cave, but once inside, it was quite calm. (No need to worry if you aren't a strong swi...more
  5. Fun experience
    Reviewed by: Me’Aries , 2021/09/29
    This place is so beautiful and felt so magical! If you ever have the chance to go don’t hesitate.

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