Watch whales breach and rear their young in the waters around Japan, and take the chance to see these majestic animals up close. From Hokkaido to Okinawa, there are many locations across Japan where you can enjoy whale-watching cruises. Book in advance to reserve a spot, as these seasonal adventures are very popular.
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  1. Set out for the warm Kerama Island waters, where pods of humpback whales winter. Watch as the huge mammal breach, spray, and slap their tails, sometimes right next to the boat.


  2. Search for and get close to pods of humpback whales that winter and rear their young in the warm waters of the Okinawan ocean from the end of December to early April.
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  3. Watch the extraordinary humpback whales swim freely in the seas of Okinawa. Then make your way to see grand whale sharks and other underwater creatures in the Churaumi Aquarium. From 12/23-4/9 only!
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