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2019 Kamogawa Odori Tickets (May 1-24)


Book tickets to the 182nd Kamogawa Odori and enjoy a spectacular show featuring the maiko and geisha of Kyoto. A special photo option is available this year for guests who want to snap photos of maiko and geisha.

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The Most Number of Performances to Date
There are five active geisha districts in Kyoto and each one holds its own annual dance festivities that attract guests from different parts of Japan and the world. Kamogawa Odori is the well-loved show that features the geisha and maiko of Pontocho District. Dating to back to 1872, it boasts the most number of performances to date.

A Splendid Spring Performance
With the exception of Gion Odori, which is held in fall, all the other geisha districts of Kyoto hold their dance festivities in spring. Among these, Kamogawa Odori is the only one held in the temperate month of May. The show is usually divided into two parts, with the earlier half focusing on dance drama and the latter on dance performances.

Pontocho's Pride
Its colorful history and fascinating performances make Kamogawa Odori among the most awaited events of the year. Book with ease through VELTRA and dive into the enchanting world of traditional Japanese entertainment.
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This activity is not available to book at this time.
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So grateful we got to see this traditional experience. We had amazing seats and the performance was very unique. Definitely would recommend to others.
by: Danielle
An amazing experience - one of the few opportunities to witness geiko and maiko perform. The dance was lovely and enchanting - a very uniquely Japanese experience.
The Kamogawa Odori performance is fantastic. It's incredible to see Geisha's perform - truly a once in a lifetime experience. The tea ceremony and photo-op were also very nice. My ticket was in the...more