Be a Miko Priestess for a Day in Osaka

Learning to be a shrine Miko in Osaka

Become a Miko for a day!

Dress up in real miko priestess clothing and learn the manners and skills to work at a shrine directly from the Shinto priest. Things you learn include how to pray and offer sacred tree branches.

  • Learning to be a shrine Miko in Osaka
  • Kiyoshi Momoyama, the temple priest
  • Japanese priest leading a lecture
  • 桃山社中(願いの宮)5_1
  • 桃山社中(願いの宮)5_1
  • 桃山社中(願いの宮)5_1
  • 桃山社中(願いの宮)5_1
Learn about the skills and manners required of miko priestesses who work in Shinto shrines. The priest of the shrine will tell you about shrine etiquette and how to offer a prayer. Then, once you have changed into your miko clothing, learn from a real miko about how to walk, present offerings, and hand out shrine charms like a real priestess. Once you have mastered these skills, offer a prayer to the shrine gods using sacred tree branches.
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Adult/Child (Age 12 & over)
USD 92.20
USD 92.20
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Adult/Child (Age 12 & over)
USD 92.20
USD 92.20
  • Available: Daily
  • Pick-up: Not available
  • Inclusion: Japanese-speaking staff / Activity fee / Costume / Dressing
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Starting time: 13:00 14:00
Starting time: 13:00 14:00
  • 13:00 Meet at Negai no Miya
  • Miko Priestess Experience (~2 hours)
    Japanese priest leading a lecture Become a miko priestess for a day! Wear the traditional outfit, then learn the shrine etiquette and proper way to pray.
  • Miko Etiquette
    桃山社中(願いの宮)5_1 After getting dressed, jump right in and learn the proper way to walk, present offerings, and hand out temple or shrine souvenirs, along with much more.
  • Praying
    桃山社中(願いの宮)5_1 Send a prayer out to the ears of the local gods as you learn the correct way to offer sacred items and more.
  • Check-out at Negai no Miya
    • Only women can participate.
    • Children 12 years old and above can participate in this activity.
Additional Note(s)
    • Activity is subject to cancellation depending on the priestess's schedule.
    • This activity is operated only in Japanese. However, non Japanese-speaking visitors are welcome!
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    • You can book a maximum of 4.
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USD 92.20
USD 92.20

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Language Japanese
Pick-up Not available
Availability Daily
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