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  1. 1st I was scared, than I was impressed!
    Reviewed by: Xenia, 2020/04/13
    I was well instructed before the experience. And when I saw the place I was like “wow, I am going to serf HERE?” Extremely beautiful place, surrounded with natural stone and with a lot of tropical fi...more
  2. Great experience
    Reviewed by: Rebbie Radtke, 2020/04/01
    This dinner and show was everything I hoped for. The setting was beautiful and the people at Gion Hatanaka were the nicest hosts. The food was great and the service was very attentive. The drinks were plentiful and all very tasty. The show itself was beautiful and then we had chances to ask questions (with an interpreter for those not fluent in Japanese) and play games. There were many option...more
  3. Excellent tour guides
    Reviewed by: Jay, 2020/03/29
    We had excellent tour guides (Mariko and company). Multilingual. They are articulate and caring. We enjoyed our day tour to Mount Fuji (5-stations). Tour bus schedule is precise and the trip was smooth. Lunch and walk at the Village was delightful and a very good experience.
  4. Fabulous experience
    Reviewed by: Michelle, 2020/03/28
    We had a wonderful time as a family watching the tea ceremony. It was very interesting and lovely to be able to ask loads of questions. My only criticism is we couldn’t find the venue without the help...more