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Classic Tea Ceremony with Full Cha-Kaiseki Cuisine and Matcha Green Tea in Tokyo


Step into an exclusive oasis, generally closed to the public, just minutes away from the heart of Tokyo. Enjoy the elegant ceremony from a penthouse, with the Tama River far below.

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A pine tree adorned screen and other seasonal decorations create a unique space just for the tea ceremony. Gentle lighting and historic items such as a bowl from the BCE Persian Empire, a teakettle from the Momoyama Period (1573 - 1615 A.D.) of Japan, and more combine to make it feel as though you have walked into a peaceful daydream, and a part of history. After the tea ceremony, the master will sweep away the surrounding items, suddenly returning you to the real world, where a Cha-Kaiseki meal awaits. Prepared by a specialist in Washoku Japanese Cuisine, the meal is a gem in and of itself. Dine overlooking the cityscape of Tokyo and the nearby Tamagawa River.
Due to the nature of this course, your first choice of time may not be available. Please select three different times or dates that suit you, for a higher chance of confirmation.
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USD 189.29
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USD 189.29
USD 189.29
  • Duration (incl. transportation): 2.5 hour(s)
  • Available: Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat
  • Pick-up: Available
  • Inclusion: Dinner / English-speaking assistant / Lesson fee / Sake / Photos during your class / Wagashi sweets to take home
Private tour per group + USD 132.50
Private tour per group + USD 132.50
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Starting time: 12:00 - 17:00 (Show details)
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  • 12:00 Meet at Futako-Tamagawa Station
  • Check-in
    Meet with your interpreter at Futako-Tamagawa Station. They will escort you to the exclusive venue, just a short walk away.
  • Tea Ceremony
    mat-cha-doh - 茶碗(作 近藤高弘さん) Enjoy a peaceful moment with your tea master. Featuring matcha green tea from Uji, Kyoto and classic tea tools, observe the master's techniques before making the tea yourself.
  • Cha-Kaiseki Meal
    mat-cha-doh - 茶懐石 Taste the seasonal flavor of Japanese cuisine through a traditional five course meal before your tea ceremony. Following the formal "one soup, three side-dishes style", discover the art and history of Japanese dishes alongside delightful sake.
  • Shopping
    mat-cha-doh - P1020323 If you would like to continue the tradition of tea at home, matcha green tea powder and utensils for the tea ceremony are available for purchase on site.
  • 14:30 Check-out and Tour Ends at Futako-Tamagawa Station
    • This class is meant for participants 18 years old and above. Participants under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
    • Alcohol will be served only for those over the age of 20. For those who cannot or do not drink alcohol, Japanese tea or mineral water is also available.
    • Due to the availability of the classes, there is no guarantee your first choice will be available.
      Please enter three different starting times you would like for a higher chance of confirmation.
Required Items to Bring & Attire
    • You will be asked to remove your shoes before entering the classroom. Please wear socks or stockings.
Additional Note(s)
    • Photos taken by the staff will be sent to you by e-mail.
    • A vegetarian menu is available upon request when booking.
    • If you have any allergies or religious restrictions, the chef will try their best to accommodate to your needs. Please understand that we can not guarantee all requests are able to be accommodated.
      Please let us know your needs when booking.
    • Please note that this is not a private tour and may be attending with other participants.
Booking Requirements (# of participants, vehicles, hours, etc.)
    • You can book a minimum of 2 and maximum of 10.
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USD 189.29
USD 189.29

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Language English
Pick-up Available
Duration incl. transportation 2.5 hour(s)
Availability Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat
Meal Dinner


Most tea ceremony experiences are in the form of a performance. You don't experience the feeling of host and guest that is the original purpose of "the way of tea"---a framework for communication and ...more
Wonderful ceremony. Absolutely loved it. Thank you!
I had participated in a tea ceremony before, but this time it was a whole different level. To be able to experience it in its context of cha-seki made me understand a lot more and everything was pro...more
USD 189.29
USD 189.29
5.00 / 5
Classic Tea Ceremony with Full Cha-Kaiseki Cuisine and Matcha Green Tea in Tokyo