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Tsukiji Fish Market Morning Food Tour with Breakfast

Sashimi Breakfast

Calling all foodies! Visit the historic Tsukiji Market and discover its background and hidden gems. Start off with coffee to perk you up and enjoy a special breakfast before exploring the bustling outer market and sampling famous Japanese foods.

  • Sashimi Breakfast
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Despite the move of wholesale vendors from Tsukiji's inner market to Toyosu Market, this is one neighborhood that is still worth visiting. More than 100 years of history is still kept alive with 65 specialty vendors who chose to remain and keep Tsukiji going.

In this tour, you will get to taste specialties from the area which you cannot find elsewhere! Fuel up with coffee at one of Tokyo's best artisanal spots and a special Tsukiji breakfast at a local restaurant before exploring this remarkable area with your local guide.

Try fresh sashimi and other seasonal culinary delights, trying out 10-12 different dishes at 4 food stops, including some green tea and other traditional Japanese sweets!

Get ready for quite a bit of walking on this tour, but the delicious food and the insight into Tsukiji's hidden charms and underlying history are well worth it.
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  • Duration: 3.5 hour(s)
  • Available: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat
  • Pick-up: Not available
  • Inclusion: Coffee / Breakfast / English-speaking guide / 1 drink and 10-12 different dishes to sample at 4 food stops / Green tea with local Japanese sweets
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  • 08:45 Check-in at Turret Coffee
  • 09:00 Kickstart the Day with Coffee
    tsukiji-breakfast-and-market-tour-1887642843 Enjoy a freshly-brewed cup of coffee, perfect for energizing you for the day ahead.

    Not your cup of tea? Not to worry as there are other items on the menu.
  • Special Seafood Breakfast
    Sashimi Breakfast Whether you like your seafood fresh or cooked, Tsukiji has the seafood breakfast just for you. Head to a local restaurant and enjoy delectable seafood cuisine.
  • Tsukiji Specialty Fish Market
    tsukijifoodtour8 Visit the 65 specialty vendors who chose to remain in Tsukiji instead of moving to Toyosu Market. See whole tuna being prepared for selling and try fresh sashimi and more delicious seasonal food. Embark on a gastronomic adventure as you taste new and unique food at different stops.
  • Local Shrine
    Take a break from gorging on yummies and stop by a local shrine with over 300 years of history for a blessing.
  • Specialty Dessert
    There's always room for dessert! End the tour on a sweet note with green tea and a treat that will leave you smiling in one of Japan's most beautiful imperial gardens.
  • 12:00 Tour Ends on Site
    • Infants may join the tour for free; however, please note that strollers are not allowed in the inner market area. Baby carriers are advised instead.
    • Please do not bring big or bulky luggage with you.
Required Items to Bring & Attire
    • Walking shoes
    • Comfortable clothing
Additional Note(s)
    • Additional meals and drinks not listed in the inclusions are not included in the tour fare. Purchase (at your own expense) is possible.
    • Please note that this tour follows a strict time policy. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late after your meeting time, you will not be able to join the tour.
    • Guests who do not show up for the tour or who arrive late do not qualify for a refund. Please check the cancellation policy below for further information.
    • Please note that VELTRA and the tour provider will not be liable for any theft or loss or loss of property, as well as bodily harm or injury. Please exercise due caution.
    • Please note that dietary issues, allergies and cross-contact are not well-known or common in Japan, so many restaurants are not equipped to handle these issues. The tour operator and its partners make every effort to meet allergy and dietary requests, but please be aware that there is no guarantee these requests can be met in full.

      Please refer to the FAQ for Japanese translations for common food allergies.
    • Emergency Phone Numbers:
      Ambulance: 119 (simple English should be okay)

      Medical emergencies in Tokyo:
      Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Information Service: +81 (0)3 5285 8181
      English assistance: 9 am - 8 pm

      Medical emergencies in Kansai (including Osaka and Kyoto):
      AMDA International Medical Information Centre KANSAI: +81 (0)6-6636-2333
      English assistance: 9 am - 5 pm
    • Emergency Phone Numbers:

      Outside of Tokyo & Kansai:
      Japan Helpline: +81 (0)120-461-997 or +81 (0)570-000-911
      English assistance 24h

      Other useful numbers: https://www.jhelp.com/en/jhlp.html
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    • You can book a maximum of 12.
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What are common food allergies and their Japanese translation?
  • Japanese for Common Allergy Foods:

    Nut Allergy ナッツアレルギー
    almond アーモンド
    brazil nuts ブラジルナッツ
    cashew カシュー
    hazelnut ヘーゼルナッツ
    hickory nut ヒッコリーナッツ
    macadamia マカダミアナッツ
    peanut ピーナッツ
    pecan ピーカンナッツ
    pine nut 松の実
    pistachio ピスタチオ
    walnuts くるみ

    Shellfish Allergy (including mollusks and crustaceans) 貝アレルギー
    calamari カラマリ
    crayfish ザリガニ
    cuttlefish いか
    lobster ロブスター
    mussels ムール貝
    oysters カキ
    prawns 海老

    Fish Allergy 魚アレルギー
    cod タラ
    salmon サーモン
    snapper スナッパー
    trout マス
    tuna マグロ
    yellowtail ハマチ
    mackerel 鯖
    sardine イワシ
    anything that is from the ocean 海に住む生き物

    Gluten Allergy 小麦アレルギー
    bread パン
    breakfast cereals 朝食用シリアル
    porridge お粥
    cakes ケーキ
    biscuits ビスケット
    pizza ピザ
    pasta パスタ
    wheat-based noodles 小麦焼きそば
    bread crumbs パン粉
    soy sauce 醤油
    yeast extract spread (such as Vegemite) イーストエキス(ベジマイトなど)
    soups スープ
    ice cream アイスクリーム
    custard powder カスタードパウダー
    beer ビール
    barbequed chicken バーベキューチキン
    sausage ソーセージ
    hamburger ハンバーガー

    Lactose Intolerance 乳製品食べません
    milk 牛乳
    cheese チーズ
    ice cream アイスクリーム
    butter バター
    yogurt ヨーグルト
    biscuits and cakes (if milk or milk solids are added) ビスケットとケーキ
    cheese sauce チーズソース
    cream soups クリームスープ
    custard カスタード
    milk chocolate ミルクチョコレート
    pancakes パンケーキ
    scrambled eggs スクランブルエッグ
    quiche キッシュ
    some breadいくつかパン

    Soy 大豆アレルギー
    edamame 枝豆
    miso みそ
    natto 納豆
    soy sauce and shoyu sauce 醤油
    soy flour 大豆粉
    soy nuts 大豆の実
    soy bean sprouts もやし
    soy-based milk 豆乳
    soy-based yogurt 大豆ヨーグルト
    soy-based ice cream 大豆アイスクリーム
    soy-based cheese 大豆チーズ
    tamari 大豆たまり
    tempeh 大豆テンペ
    tofu 豆腐
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USD 182.14
USD 182.14

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Meal Breakfast


by: Paul Phillips
One you find the assembly point its all plain sailing the guide. Was knowlegble and gave a lot of information as to where things at the market come from the breakfast was great eating like a japanese...more
USD 182.14
USD 182.14
5.00 / 5
Tsukiji Fish Market Morning Food Tour with Breakfast