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Reserved Tickets for Gion Odori Fall Maiko and Geisha Dance in Kyoto (Nov. 1~10) Instant Confirmation


Gion Odori with vibrant fall foliage

Witness the lovely grace and artistry of the geisha and maiko of Kyoto during the Gion Odori autumn festival with reserved tickets. You can also join a tea ceremony before the dances!

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Step into the splendor of Kyoto where the long tradition of dance and song has been passed down generation to generation. With reserved seating at the Gion Odori, this is a chance to spend an afternoon watching elegant and skilled geisha and maiko perform a variety of songs and dances.
59th Gion Odori
Kan Mukyoku Sono no Nigiwai - Glory of the Flowers

The theme of this year centers on famous stories throughout Japanese history.

Prologue - Sono no Nigiwai
A parade of woodblock prints begins. The procession incorporates many different themes and costumes.

Scene 1 - Kiku no Shimotsuyu
A performance overflowing with enthusiasm, this scene represents merrymaking and the celebration of prosperity.

Scene 2 - Kamakurayama no Tokidori
Shizukagozen (a mistress of Minamoto no Yoshitsune) thinks of him while dancing within his enemies’ sight.

Scene 3 - Gojobashi no Tsuki
Benkei, Yoshitsune's loyal servant, walks along with his sword in hand along a bridge and remembers his first meeting with Yoshitsune.

Scene 4 - Seki no Hana
Performers representing two poets of the Heian era present a dance of the poets' sorrow and regret.

Scene 5 - Hassaku no Hanamurasaki
This scene, representing good fortune in the Edo era, depicts a high-ranking courtesan who dances elegantly in a white kimono for the summer.

Scene 6 - Yagura no Yuki
A realistic marionette is used to represent Oshichi, who is longing to meet her lover. Overcome, she sets fire to her own home but sounds the fire alarm in remorse.

Scene 7 - Matsu no Kotobuki
A performing duo goes door to door to provide entertainment on New Year’s day.

Scene 8 - Kenbutsu no Maiko (Viewing the Parade)
The maiko dance with elegant charm, capturing the feelings of various seasons in their brilliant costumes.

Scene 9 - Gion Higashi Ballad Finale
The geisha and maiko of Gion Higashi raise their voices in song about the charms and splendor of their neighborhood through all the seasons of the year, closing with a splendorous dance.
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This activity is not available to book at this time.
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Una actuación que recomendaría no perderse a cualquiera que visite Kyoto. Son bailes tradicionales j...more
by: Olga
This is traditional japanese thing you definitely want to see. I personally love it. You can watch it only here and only 10 days in a year, SO JUST DO IT. On the other hand, tea ceremony is not th...more
The opportunity to see the Gion Odori was such a lovely and unique pleasure. The dance was beautiful, and the costumes and sets were spectacular. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to see int...more
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